Mercury has been in Sagittarius for a few months exchanging signs with Jupiter and that has been uplifting writing, teaching, deep wisdom and we have a shift on Friday .  Mercury in Capricorn is unafflicted and even gets a benefic aspect from Jupiter which is more exact into Feb. 21st.  Mercury and Saturn are friends and it is a 5th house transit for Virgos bringing more joy with children, romance and spiritual initiations and sports and given Mercury’s nature, game nights and word games and crosswords might flourish.  Geminis have more problem with this 8th house transit and Libras and Taurus rising probably benefit more than Leos, Cancers or Scorpio rising.

The affliction is that Saturn, the owner of Capricorn is weak in transit and this could create mental scattering but can also create deep analytic thinking, strong mathematical abilities if you use the time to focus.  It could lead to more restricted thinking and belief structures which is something we do not need given political unrest.   It is also a   good time for service work.  Mercury shows its effects on Wednesdays so Feb. 8 and 15th and 22nd will be most affected.

The first part of the transit through Feb. 10th in the constellation of Uttara Ashadaha and also Abhijit are fairly beneficial and Mercury is far enough away from the sun to be promoting intelligence and deep thinking.   Shravana (Capricorn 10-23.20) Feb. 11-17th is more problematic as Mercury is more uncomfortable with the moon’s intuitive when it wants to be more rational.   Dhanishta (Capricorn 26.40-Aquarius 6.40) Feb 17th-Feb 26th is more problematic because of the connection to Mars leading to more debating and arguing but then again Mercury flourishes in this satvic constellation and particularly Feb. 19-21st when Mercury is particularly strong and understand using the intellect for the good of others and to develop spiritual wisdom.

There is rare exchange of nakshatras between Mars in Revati, owned by Mercury and Mercury in Dhanishta owned by Mars and they are both very satvic constellations. Mars will become more of a spiritual warrior here and will be spurred by Mercury in Aquarius in Mars’s consellation Feb. 23-26th and this may create more upheaval in protesting in the name of liberal causes.  We do think the Solar Eclipse during this exchange will stir massive tensions in the Middle East in the name of spiritual fundamentalism.  Perhaps, Trump’s ISIS plan will be going full throttle by then.

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Om Tat Sat.

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