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Well hopefully you made it through the lunar eclipse. What does the week hold for you as we approach Valentine’s Day this week?

Saturday, Feb. 12th: Ruled by Saturn which is at 1 degree of Sagittarius and finally out of the worse part  of the gandanta or emotional drowning area so lightening a bit  but still weak in the D-9 divisional chart until March 16th. This   makes Saturdays, ruled by Saturn ,   then filled with hard work, anxiety, fatigue and intensity.  Saturn enjoys exercise and yoga and meditation so don’t get lazy and do those bodily things that are good for you and just rest more.  Saturn may drive you to extra hard work and projects that you do not have the energy for but find time for fun and Venus activities like music and creative arts on Saturdays between now and mid-March to balance out Saturn’s intensity.   Be careful doing questionable activities  especially in the evening so if you are young and out with the wrong crowd, avoid anti-social behaviors as there is a risk of being caught. For the older crowd, this may mean not going over the speed limit in a speed trap area.  If you are Capricorn or Aquarius rising, then this blub on Saturn is more relevant.

Mars moved into the constellation of Revati (Pisces 16.40-30.00) on Friday and stays there until March 1st when it moves into Aries. We will need to write a whole article on Mars. Revati is a very satvic or pure constellation that supports the spiritual warrior so service work or action that benefits humanity is supported the next three weeks.  Mars’s highest energy is service to transform our society so get out their and volunteer for a good cause.  The downside of the transit can be fanatical or fundamentalist fervor  through Feb. 17th when Mars is in Sagittarius navamsha in the D-9 divisional chart so be careful and  volunteer with a smile for selfless service and not to push some heavy-handed agenda.  Good week to take action for higher spiritual causes. This is particularly relevant if you are Aries or Scorpio rising or have Mars in the 1st house.

The Sun moves into Aquarius on Sunday, Feb. 12th and this deserves a whole article as the Sun is rather afflicted this month as it moves toward conjunction with Ketu into Feb. 22nd at around 9 degrees and we have the Solar eclipse on Feb. 26th.  The first part of the transit continuing through Dhanishta (Delphini constellation, Aquarius 0-6.40) through Feb. 18th and is more tricky Feb. 12-15th as the Sun is debilitated in D-9 where it lacks confidence and needs to think more of others and so it is not able to shine as much.  Another reason to get out of your pity-party and go out and help others this week to get through and low self-esteem issues. Energy picks up Feb. 16-18th for the Sun but the Sun changing signs on a Sunday is weak and will require more rest. Going to spiritual services on a Sun will uplift the energy and staying rest will be important. This is particularly relevant if you are Leo rising or have Sun in Aquarius.

We will have watch Feb. 19-25th as the Sun moves toward Ketu. If you have this in your natal chart within 3 degrees it will be activated particularly if you have a birthday Feb. 19-25th this week. This can bring up past regrets and karma blocking living in the present moment. It could lead to loss of reputation or embarrassment if you have that natal signature in your chart and you may feel unsupported from organizations or government. It could bring up difficult energy with your father and wanting to shed past dark energy here and feelings of rejection or guilt.  This can bring up intense anger at times as both planets are on fire.  The Solar eclipse into Feb. 26th will bring a climax to this energy but much of it will be felt the week of Feb. 19-26th and we will write more about this later.  If you are running a Sun/Ketu or Ketu/Sun period these issues will come up for a major crisis to reinforce your whole identity.

Mercury moved into the constellation of Shravana ruled by the Moon on Feb. 10th and stays there until Feb. 17th. Mercury and the moon are enemies and the analytic Mercury is uncomfortable with the intuitive moon that just got eclipsed. Great week for reading if you love books but watch out for scattered and fragmented thinking, too many thoughts or over-imaginative fantasy.  The tendency is to analyze your emotions which works well for some rising signs like Geminis and Virgos but Cancer rising and moons  just needs to feel what is happening and not get caught up in understanding why.  Good energy this week for Virgos and to be charitable and pursue romance and spiritual knowledge while Geminis have to deal with haunting emotions from the past with this 8th house transit..

On Saturday, Feb. 18th, Mercury goes into the constellation of Dhanishta ruled by Mars and Mars is in the constellation of Revati, ruled by Mercury so there is an exchange of stars creating a hidden mental influence. For most people the influence is positive as both planets are positive and the clever, quick-witted energy will come out and support witty speech, solving difficult engineering  or medical issues or deep mathematical or computer problems.  Both nakshatras are fairly positive so mostly the positive mental energies will come through.  For Aries and Scorpio, where Mars and Mercury are bitter enemies, angry and aggressive moods may arise, over ambition, self-centered ruthless goal-seeking. Aries  rising may be particularly challenged , with this 12th house transit of Mars so you are going to to have to focus on service rather than getting caught up in competition at work or things will blow up. This forecast is most applicable if you have a Mars/Mercury connection in your natal chart.

Venus is still very happy this week exalted in Pisces promoting idealized relationship energy and higher artistic creativity and expression and that will manifest most on Friday, Feb. 17th on her day.  Still by Feb. 18th, she is closest to Mars within 5 degrees so watch relationship squabbles with partners and being too aggressive. Passion will be heightened so use in an artistic expressive way or for deep love expression with your partner if you are celebrating Valentine’s day either  weekend or on Tuesday.  This forecast is most relevant for Libra or Taurus rising or if you have Venus in Pisces or in your first house in the natal chart.

Jupiter is retrograde now until May.  The first five days of the retrograde had a powerful stationary influence creating great power and energy and now Jupiter is moving toward being a bit more sluggish and less expansive so have to avoid laziness and take care of your live.  It will move out of the 29th degree by Monday and be less sandhi or void of course and have a bit more energy next week. This forecast is particularly relevant if you are Pisces or Sagittarius rising or have Jupiter in your first house or Jupiter in Virgo.

As always, we try to write general forecasts for the populace but transits are 20% of prediction and subject to the larger cycles you are running.  Reading charts is like reading DNA strands and people are so unique.  If you need a reading or update and what is going on, visit our website.

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