The Sun went into Aquarius on Feb. 13th and stays there until March 14th and while Leos sometimes benefit from the Sun throwing a full aspect into their own house, the ride is bumpy this month with Ketu there and the eclipses in the Aquarian/Leo Axis.

Aquarius is a very innovative sign but when the Sun is afflicted during this transit, if you are Aquarius rising or Aquarius Sun, it an bring up low self-esteem, lack of self-promotion, rebellious activism, depression, cynicism, gullibility, isolation.  So despite not wanting to be social, you are going to have to get out there and Venus and relationship will support and prevent those energies from getting out of hand.

Saturn aspects the Sun with a 60 degree full sextile into Feb. 14th and this aspect impacts health and throws a cold wave onto the Sun’s heat and may impact digestion causing it to be sluggish. This can be easily remedied with exercise or touching your toes many times to stimulate the solar plexus and reactivate it.    Saturn aspects to the Sun can create problems with authority, government officials, fathers and sons.  Be patient and respectful if you find yourself in these situations even if you are seething with anger with in.  The impact of the aspect should be gone by Feb. 20th.

The Sun then moves toward conjunction  with Ketu, the mystical south node exactly into Feb. 22nd around 9 degrees Aquarius.  We also have a solar eclipse on Feb. 26th.   The first part of the transit continuing through Dhanishta (Delphini constellation, Aquarius 0-6.40) through Feb. 18th and is more tricky Feb. 12-15th as the Sun is debilitated in D-9 where it lacks confidence and needs to think more of others and so it is not able to shine as much.  Another reason to get out of your pity-party and go out and help others this week to get through and low self-esteem issues. Energy picks up Feb. 16-18th.   Going to spiritual services on a Sun will uplift the energy and staying rest will be important. This is particularly relevant if you are Leo rising or have Sun in Aquarius.

We will have watch Feb. 19-25th as the Sun moves toward Ketu. If you have this in your natal chart within 3 degrees it will be activated particularly if you have a birthday Feb. 19-25th this week. This can bring up past regrets and karma blocking living in the present moment. It could lead to loss of reputation or embarrassment if you have that natal signature in your chart and you may feel unsupported from organizations or government. It could bring up difficult energy with your father and wanting to shed past dark energy here and feelings of rejection or guilt.  This can bring up intense anger at times as both planets are on fire.  The Solar eclipse into Feb. 26th will bring a climax to this energy but much of it will be felt the week of Feb. 19-26th and we will write more about this later.  If you are running a Sun/Ketu or Ketu/Sun period these issues will come up for a major crisis to reinforce your whole identity.

If you are Aquarius rising, it is one of the more complex rising signs.  Ruled mainly by Rahu the North Node and Saturn, it is very connected to astrology, the occult sciences and healing and biomedical research and invention.  It is   is very connected to the occult forces ushering in new civilizations and new-thought currents.   The symbol for Aquarius is the pitcher which should be empty because Aquarius is an air sign.  Without any benefics like Jupiter or Venus or Mercury aspecting connected to the sign of Aquarius or its ruler, individuals born under this sign can be unhappy and sorrowful and has a lot of past karma and Aquarians born under Shatibishak nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-19.59).   Still Aquarians are highly spiritual people who need to turn to the Divine to ease their sorrows and if this happens, a lot of their heavy burdens are lightened.   By nature they are interested in liberation because Saturn owns the 1st and the 12th house.   Some think that Aquarians are part of the Divine plan, like Ganymede that are the cup-bearers of the gods chose to bring the nectar of immortality to planet.

Aquarians are very intelligent and often interested in astrology with Mercury owning the 5th and 8th house.   This combination leads to deep philosophical thought but often the inability to express it.   Venus owns the 4th and 9th houses giving Aquarians are taste for good living and comfort and they love music and art as an expression of their deepest spiritual nature.

So enjoy Aquarius this month.  Mercury will go in there Feb. 21st to March 10th and Ketu will not leave Aquarius until early September and until then, he will continue to stir up a lot of social unrest.

As always, we try to write general forecasts for the populace but transits are 20% of prediction and subject to the larger cycles you are running.  Reading charts is like reading DNA strands and people are so unique.  If you need a reading or update and what is going on, visit our website.

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