Venus becomes powerful in the sky on Friday as it goes stationary on her day of the week and gets ready to turn retrograde on Saturday, March 4th at 4:08 am Central time.   Venus retrogrades only happen every two years and are most problematic when Venus is combust March 20-March 30th as relationship anger and complexity increases dramatically and jealousy can really flare up. It is also thought that a retrograde movement will cancel the current exaltation in Pisces.

If you were born with Venus retrograde in your natal chart, you might not fit into mainstream relationships, or have an unusual interest in love. Sometimes people with Venus retrograde become celibates or sometimes swingers.  In the end, the retrograde energy may lead to increase sexual activity as a result of not feeling loved enough and then seeking it out in strange ways.  Sometimes Venus retrogrades can challenge traditional models of marriage or partnering or increase attraction to the same sex. 

Venus retrograde in transit may suddenly force you to reevaluate your love life or lead to angry flare-ups around the combustion at the end of the month. It can reverse the norm so if you were not interested in relationship, the retrograde might spin you to suddenly craving one and vice-versa.

This is all happening in the sign of Pisces where relationship is idealized or becomes a fantasy in the mind and suddenly the retrograde action may cause you to wake up from your dream. In the constellation of Revati (Pisces 16.40-29.59) it may suddenly create an urge to partner and marry because your clock is running out.   Jupiter is afflicting Venus from Venus’s sign of debilitation and that could create a stronger urge for sexual energy and leading to dissipation of ones energies or cravings for comforts or over-spending on shopping.   Handle this with an appointment with a good masseur and watch those trips to the refrigeration or watching those dark videos.   Put the energy into artistic expression by painting or creating something. When Mercury moves into Pisces after March 11th, poetry and creative writing will be promoted.

So I wanted to give you a personal invite to my new course starting Sunday, April 9th.  It is about expanding our limited perspective of how we look at charts so that we not just caught up with our natal chart which is more of our physical world but we learn how to look at our mental, emotional, soul levels, life purpose, hidden talents, and how are chart changes in time and as we move to new locations.  I think it is something that is not taught enough.  I am offering a special March price of 199.00 (March is in like a Lion) through Sunday, March 5th and then the price goes up to 249.00  March 15th.   I am trying to cement down early registrations.  I have written an article about this perspective at

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