We have a lot of outer planet aspects this week and whenever we get these clusters, it can create major changes in ones life and it also see it often with markets.   The next major one is Sun conjunct Neptune.

Many Vedic astrologers think that the outer planets are important.  Dennis Harness notes that the palm leaves in a Madras museum  allude to the fact that additional planets will be discovered in the future and they are described from ancient times.    Neptune is very connected to Varuna, who  is the lord of the cosmic waters and is associated with the mysterious laws of fate. ” He is a powerful, mystical healer and is the lord of maya or illusion. Varuna is the bestower of spiritual wisdom and the god of cosmic medicines. In the early cycles of Creation all the gods together approached Varuna and said to him: “May you accept the lordship of all waters on earth and protect us all. May you ever dwell in the ocean, refuge of the aquatic creatures. The great ocean, the husband to all the rivers and streams, would thus remain subservient to you. You would swell and shrink along with the Moon”. This sounds strikingly similar to the role and meaning of Neptune, god of the mystical seas, in modern Tropical astrology.”

Sun is conjunct  Neptune at 9:45 pm EST in Aquarius on March 1st.  This transit will promote humanitarian action to help others and increase intuitive capabilities for Leo rising or Aquarius rising  or those with a dominant Sun in their chart.  With the Sun afflicted by Ketu and the eclipse, the darker side of this transit may come out with a feeling psychological weariness which could lead to day-dreaming or inability to cope with the world.  It may increase allergies and negative reactions to drugs or herbs.   Avoid checking out by indulging in bad habits.  The tree pose in yoga will increase the solar energy  and will be a good one to focus on this week.    In general it always promotes and brings in vital solar energy into the crown chakra and can help rebalance the afflicted sun from this week.   I find the financial markets get very speculative with Sun/Neptune energy but that can also lead to quick deflation as the reality of the situation hits.  With Trump speaking on Tuesday night to Congress, expect the markets to react wildly to the upside by early Wednesday and the probably give it back later in the week.


Transiting Sun conjunct Neptune increases your sensitivity, intuition and empathy. Being more affected by the thoughts and feelings of others and the environment, this can be a positive or negative experience. The result depends on the people and conditions you find yourself in. It would be better to be alone rather than share the company of negative types who would drain your energy and leave you feeling depressed, scared or ill.

Good week for  learning more about environmental, charity, social or community work and groups. Spiritual or occult subjects like astrology may be better understood under this high awareness transit.

At the more mundane level, this is a good time to go to the movies or escape from reality through a fantasy novel. If you were born with this conjunction within 2 degrees, this transit may awaken those innate tendencies which you were born with.

Our life is rather busy now with our financial business and teaching classes but if you need help, I still have a few slots for readings in March.  View our  services at  and hit the Request tab to fill out a form for an interview.  Here to serve and help and that is my primary purpose in writing these article.  Have a great week!

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