Mars moves into its own sign of Aries on Thursday until April 11th  and in general it is always good to planets strong–even if they are malefics.  The more powerful qualities of Mars will come including power, pushing through obstacles, getting things done quickly, success and joy in sports, independence, generosity for pure-hearted action,  and innovation.  There can be a tendency toward sudden and impulsive change to view your actions with good judgment and good care.   I love this picture of the monk holding the tiger as it embodies the spiritual quality of Mars in the constellation of Ashwini but also the power and ferocity of the tiger to get into battle and conquer.  If you are Aries/Cancer/Libra or Capricorn, Mars will form a Ruchaka Yoga creating great power and success in activity.

The transit is fairly unafflicted except for a trine from Rahu which is impacting it most March 16-19th which can bring out the darker side which is easy to anger, antagonistic, vindictive, feverish, skin allergies.   In mid-March it will be important to keep your fire energy at bay by staying off hot and spicy foods and eating more coconut water and milk.

Mars moving into Aries is like being shot out of a canon with extra energy to go forth and do great activity.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it has this self-starting energy so it will be a good time to start new projects .

Mars will be in the constellation of Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20) which is know in modern astronomy as Alpha-Arietes and Beta-Arietes near the bright star of Andromeda between March 2-April 1st. The symbol for Ashwini is a horse’s head representing a dauntless spirit of adventure and a head-strong nature.  This transit usually fosters self-starters and energy to complete projects.   It is also a very healing constellation and so there will be more energy for healing.  The ruling deities are the Ashwin twins who ride in a golden chariot and shower healing energy down to the earth plane. They are the “Physicians of the Gods”.  This is a nakshatra of initiation, revitalization and transformational healing.  The ruling planet is Ketu (South Node of the Moon), which gives a mystical and mysterious bent to their life journey.
   The first part of the transit is through Aries 0-3 degrees (March 2-6th) and particularly between 0.00-0.48 is through the gandanta or karmic knot.   There is underlying strength to work out new beginnings in a new cycle of growth initiated by moving into the start of the zodiac.  The energy is there to untie deep karmic knots but frustrations will still come up strongly and given all the changes going on from the first week of March, there will be plenty to work on and heal.

The ruling constellation of Ashwini is Ketu spurring you into new spiritual growth and development but the first few weeks,  Ketu is still pretty afflicted in transit from the solar eclipse and Mercury and Neptune transits close to it.  This may create an interest in new projects but the inability or weakness to finish them so make sure you only take on what you can handle.   It can also bring on stubbornness or racing around wildly with too much “wild horse” energy so make sure to slow down and stay balanced.

Aries rising and Scorpios benefit the most from this transit and it is supportive for health but Scorpios still may experience the 6th house transit of the ascendent lord and get bogged down with debts and battles and minor illness. The energy is there to move through them.  Cancers get a lot of energy for career development and Capricorns also benefit from the Yoga in transit for projects around the home and career.   Geminis benefit from income and the ability to fulfill their desires and from groups and friends.   Virgos may have the most difficult with this transit but because Mars is in its own sign, any legal or karmic patterns that come up will have the energy to triumph.

So go forth in action with new energy but just avoid being too reckless mid-month with the Rahu affliction.

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