Mercury moves into Pisces on Friday, March 10th until March 27th and it is a favorable transit this time. Still Mercury is the trickster and likes to play games which is why I went to bat/cat man for my fun image.   Usually Mercury is debilitated in Pisces which bring out nervousness, spaciness, depression, too many thoughts and being too talkative but because Jupiter is aspecting it and it will be conjunct Venus into March 18th, the debilitation is cancelled. Therefore, , its more spiritual nature, imagination, humanitarian and philosophical qualities will come out creating deep mental probing. Last time we had an exchange between Pisces and  Virgo was March-May 2005 at it was longer because Mercury went retrograde that year in Pisces.

Still I never trust Mercury in Pisces as it can still bring out miscommunication and computer issues and James Braha is fond of saying that cancellation of debilitation are like losing a limb and getting a prosthetic.  So you may starting asking your friends if Mercury is retrograde because of the energy created and it is not quite that bad but it is not as stellar as we would like to see.

While Jupiter opposition will not be exact until Friday, March 24th, there will be a Parivartana Yoga between Jupiter in Mercury’s sign of Virgo and Mercury in Jupiter’s sign of Virgo know as mutual exchange in Western Astrology.   This will bring out skilled speaking, good learning and publishing, excellent seminars, deep wisdom in business.  The conjunction to Venus into March 18th will promote charming manners, a fun-loving disposition, creative writing and poetry and music and fresh and original thinking.

The darkest part of the transit is through Uttabhadra Nakshatra (Pisces 3.20-16.40) March 13-19th and Mercury is at its lowest point of the year at 15 degrees Pisces so the darker side comes out but Venus and Jupiter and cancelling the energy out. In this constellation, the rational intellect does not work and the mind is swamped by emotion and a sea of spirituality.  This could bring out lack of practical thinking and poor judgement.

The exchange of signs or Parivartana Yoga affects Pisces and Virgos most with an exchange between the 1st and 7th creating a restlessness with partners and wanting to change and this could also be business partners or relationships.  Sagittarius and Gemini rising may benefit most from real estate career development or success with property with this transit.  Scorpios may benefit from sports, investment, romance and strong developments with their children. Aries may be challenge with expenses around employees or foreign travel.  Other rising signs my not fare as well.


So I wanted to give you a personal invite to my new course starting Sunday, April 9th.  It is about expanding our limited perspective of how we look at charts so that we not just caught up with our natal chart which is more of our physical world but we learn how to look at our mental, emotional, soul levels, life purpose, hidden talents, and how are chart changes in time and as we move to new locations.  I think it is something that is not taught enough.   I am offering a special March price of 199.00 (March is in like a Lion) through March 10th.   I have written an article about the course and the article is attached in word if you have not read it before.

New course starting on multiple l April 9th:

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