On March 8th we wrote about the Mars/ Rahu aspect in great detail.  (See:

We failed to also realize that stationary Rahu is also doing a 120 degree aspect to Saturn.  While it is not that tight yet with Rahu at 9 degrees and Saturn at almost 3 degrees, the intensity of it is being felt.  Luckily as my friend Juliana Swanson points out, Mars still gets a strong  aspect from Jupiter and Mars is  very strong in the nakshatra of Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20).  There is great power to go forth and accomplish great things.  Still the  malefic afflictions to Sagittarius and Leo and to a lesser extent Aries, bring out some of the darker qualities of the fire signs including:  aggression, impatience, lack of cooperation, reckless ambition, domination, power hunger, fanaticism, delayed starts, and quick temper.

Rahu/Saturn is actually only going to be exact in early October.  Mars is exactly trining Rahu with a 120 degree aspect into March 14th in the true node system and Mars only has a 50% aspect onto Saturn in Sagittarius but the confluence of malefics in strong trinal relations feels very intense and is amplified because they are all in Ketu’s nakshatras and channeling its  own fiery nature. Only Jupiter in Virgo creates Argala or a positive balancing relationship for Leo to prevent even more intensity and continues to support Mars.  As we pointed out, there is overall good energy to do great things and get stuff done but you have to stay balanced and avoid the pitfalls. There is positive energy to plow through difficult tasks but not without a huge toll on the physiology.  For people ruled by Leo or running a Mars or Saturn or Rahu or Ketu period,  this aspect  may create a great deal of intensity now caring for the sick, weak, negative people or people that are in morning and it may bring up deep and anguished feelings and anger and frustration that spews forth.

The fire element is more intense with all three malefics in  Ketu-ruled nakshatras,  Ashwini, Magha and Mula which are located at the first 13 degrees of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  Mars afflicted in Ashwini wants to do things their own way and runs wild like a horse in many directions with unbridled passion.  Magha, the constellation of kings, can be over-demanding and cruel to those who do not treat them with respect and of course Donald Trump has his rising ascendent here.  Mula when afflicted can create selfishness, arrogance, willfullness and instability.  I think the darker qualities of these transits come out with the malefic aspects and transits to them through Ketu’s nakshatra and with the despositor of them, transiting through Rahu’s nakshatra creating an intense drive between ambition and  unbridled passion to achieve its goals and at the same time the intensity of inner frustration at not being able to go fast enough. The intensity and connection to Shatabhisak nakshatra where Ketu is transiting (Aquarius 6.40-19.59)  leaves one wanting to flee the world and go to the ashram and spend time in meditation to escape or possible wanting to escape in other ways.

In the US chart, my friend Juliana notes that Ketu is transiting over the natal moon creating daily chaos and scandals in the Trump administration. That aspect is exact in late April but will have a strong influence through late June being within 3 degrees.  We wonder if the pending Debt Ceiling Crisis with the US not able to issue more paper beyond their 20 trillion limit will create a larger crisis for the US or will Trump’s fiscal restraint be able to handle it.

If you have Saturn in early Sagittarius in your natal chart, this transit is particularly fraught with more anxiety.  Rahu aspecting Saturn creates a unappreciated good efforts and the ability to break old habits.  Rahu/Saturn stirs up anxiety and unconscious fear and the  world seems to be changing too quickly and what was secure yesterday is not true today.  The key will adapting  to all the change and trusting that the Divine has a bigger plan for you.  Rahu want to achieve great things and Saturn connected to Mula nakshatra (Sag. 0-13.20)  wants to retreat into the cave to meditate and so it may be that going on a retreat sometime over the next six months as this aspect intensifies will create enough detachment from the world to give you the power to move forward and achieve your goals.  Still Rahu/Saturn aspects are very intense and fraught with fear and if you run around like a rabbit, your balance and stability turns into a jumble. This influence of Rahu aspecting Saturn  will continue into October when it is exact  so master it early or  be swallowed up.  Daily meditation and yoga will calm it down and soothing herbal teas and less running around like a rabbit is essential.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, represents the  head and the two vata/air planets aspecting  Aries is increasing inner fears and turmoils and anxieties in the mind with extreme jumbled thoughts.  Luckily Mars, the warrior, is strong in Ashwini nakshatra in transit so it has the courage to handle and move forward through the fear.   Definitely have to fit in your yoga and meditation and breath work to keep it stable. Remember that 99% of the fear going through your head does not happen.  Rahu in Leo, the natural 5th sign of the zodiac is creating intense drive and power and ambition manifesting in the solar plexus to conquer and do huge tasks yet the Mars and Saturn aspects are churning up frustration and indecision and intensity so watch your stomach if it is churning and take care not to eat too fast.  Watch your blood pressure as Leo is the natural sign for the heart also so make sure not to over-exert yourself.

If you are a fire sign like Leo, Sagittarius or Aries rising or have key planets in those signs at key degrees around 9 degrees Aries or Leo, there may be more raging and frustration and restless churnings.  If you are running Mars, Saturn or Rahu or Ketu periods on the first or 2nd level, you may feel the intensity more.  While the Mars/Saturn part of the aspect was most intense last weekend around March 5-6th, it will still have an impact strongly through March 19th when Mars moves 3 degrees beyond Rahu’s exact aspect and into Venus’s constellation of Bharani (Aries 13.20-26.39).  There are too many bursts of erratic energy to be patience so you are going to have to find a way to concentrate. The Sun moving into Saturn’s constellation (Pisces 3.20-16.39) will add another element of fire/air element tensions.

So slow down.  Make sure you stay balanced to avoid getting sick from running around and trying to do too much. Be more patient with setbacks and flaws in others and find a way to channel the fire energy into exercise so that it does not explode on a loved one.  Be careful driving and avoiding arguing in a car or while working around dangerous equipment.  Drink fire element  calming liquids like coconut water and coconut milk and avoid hot spicy food so you do not become a towering inferno. I think the peak of intensity is into March 14th but some of the influences will linger for a while.

All thanks to my Gurus and Jyotish Gurus for their knowledge and keeping me centered.  Go forth and conquer in a true Mars in Aries spirit but remember to be kind and clean up your messes in the process!

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