The theme of the week and maybe the next month will be avoiding arguments and power struggles in order to hold a position.  Debating is important for politicians and warriors but it can lead an anger and hurt feeling and bruised egos so watch your impulsive and fighting tendencies particularly this week  and probably until April 12th with Mercury moving into Aries for a few months and the Jupiter and Pluto square into Thursday again repeating the post-election vitriolic spewing by the media.

Today Sunday, March 26th begins with Mercury at the end of Pisces  going into Aries on officially on March 27th.  Mercury is conjunct Uranus today and can encourage quick thinking and stimulating conversations. It could support inventive writing as clever thoughts and technical puzzles can be solved out of the air.  A good day to tackle the Sunday crossword puzzle or write some computer code. Still it can create too much nervousness and Geminis and Virgos will feel a lot of fatigue as Mercury is changing signs in the emotionally charged area of the zodiac at 29.00 Pisces where it is too spiritual and not very practical and clear judgments may not happen.  Stay on top of computer back-ups this week with Mercury connected to Ketu later in the week being in Ashwini and then having a trine from Saturn into Wednesday the the intellect might get too serious or depressed.


Mercury transits into the Ashwini Nakshatra (Aries 0-3.20) on March 27th and stays there an usually long time until May 23rd because it will retrograde in that constellation.  We will have to write a long article up about this transit since it will have an impact for 2 months.   Mercury in Ashwini brings a strong and fiery intellect than can be impulsive, independent and aggressive.  Mercury in Aries creates a mind that wants to accomplish things too fast and this can lead to frustration, an angry mind poor planning, deceit, too much debt or risk-taking, abuse of drugs and alcohol and nervous strain.  Mercury and Mars will be in the same sign until April 13th and they are enemies and this can lead to disputes  and aggressive arguing , being too self-centered and ruthless.   Awareness around this is going to be important as debating about who is right becomes an ego-centered event to justify our position and keep us chained to a position and not open to seeing other points of view.  Be open to listening more and understanding and integrating others points of view over the next few months.  We can only imagine the media, ruled by Mercury and Congress, will have intense debates and tiring arguments.  Try to stay out of these unless you are fighting for a good cause but for the most part we never convince anyone with words and tend to end up angry and frustrated.

Jupiter is moving toward an exact square of Pluto due to retrograde motion into Thursday, March 30th. We saw this aspect after the election on  Nov. 24, 2016 so it is a revisit of the lessons after the election when everyone was a bit crazed.   Ketu transiting over the US natal moon is also fanning the flames.  Even though the Election is over, Pluto’s influence brings about strong power struggles which are continuing with the President and Congress and his cabinets so this will intensify over the coming weeks.  Pluto rules over hidden agendas and often revenge. All the tension is a manifestation of this aspect.  It will take time to sort through the huge social issues involved.  The aspect continues through August 2017 due to retrogrades of both planets.

What is happening.  The shadow of racism and feminism and economic inequality is coming up from the depths of the subconscious to be healed.  The shadow is becoming conscious and luckily the Divine grace of Jupiter is there to help heal it—it is no longer repressed.  Do we learn to move peaceful through these issues and work together to solve them or do we utilize the dark and more destructive energy of Pluto to rage and riot?   Its an issue that will be with us through at least next August.

On a personal level, this aspect is creating ambition in your life to complete big unfinished projects and this influence will last a long time with the two degree orb intense in the month of April with the retrogrades and then finally completing the first few weeks of August.  Use the energy to make major transformations in your life with unfinished business.  The energy is there if you let it empower you. I finally finished a newsletter today that I have been trying to complete for the last month.

The aspect is happening between the dual signs of Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Sagittarius.  It will affect career and relationships most strongly for the dual signs of Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. This aspect and bring up karmic issues involving relationship, family and business partners and money depending on what houses it is hitting for you between Virgo and Sagittarius. So if you are Gemini rising, the 4th and 7th house would be involved and it would bring up issues around real estate partnerships.   There can be power struggles and intensity but something good can happen.  Pisces and Virgo rising may have more issues around business partnerships arising where Gemini and Sag rising will have more issues around personal relationship based on the dual signs involved.

This square  is impacting the US which is Sagittarius rising at 5 degrees in the Sidereal zodiac and the aspect is  between the 10th house of presidency and the first house of national identity. With the longer term impact of this aspect, we will not see a resolution until Jupiter goes into Libra in Sept. 2017.   The tensions between the people and their president is quite intense and will not lift quickly.

The Jupiter/Pluto Square can create blockages and restrictions. You might feel this particularly from employers with the Sun continuing in Uttarabhadpada until March 30th  or it may come from the government if you are dealing with tax or legal issues.

The Sun moves into the constellation of Revati (Pisces 16.40-29.59) on Friday, March 31st and will leave the tense connection to Saturn.  We will write more about this later in the week.

General Note on Transits:  They are always contextual to your cycles and dasha periods and impact different charts. If you have strong natal placements in your chart, then weak transits do not impact you but if you have weak natal planet, then it will become weaker if the transit is bad. Its kind of like those old radios and televisions or today a weak computer chip.  If you were born with a defective tube or chip, then when a planet is strong and transmitting a strong signal, you may have problems and if the planet is weak and transmitting a weak signal and you have a weak tube or trip, you will have bigger problems. If you were born with good tubes and chips, even when the signal is weak, your excellent tubes and chips can pick up the signal.  This metaphor can be applied to genetic make-up. If you have good genes for health than a weak transit will not cause major problems.




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New Moon conjunct Venus is on Monday, March 27th and may also lead to indulgence in pleasures, over-spending, over-eating or too much sexual activity.  Venus will move into the Virgo section of D-9 until Friday , is very weak being too close to the Sun and retrograde and it cancels the exaltation.

In this pada of the constellation of Pegasus (Utarabadrapada Pisces 6.40-10.00)  Venus tends to find wisdom in small aspect minute details so a good week to pore over a spiritual text and probe deeply.  Taurus and Libra rising signs in Vedic astrology may continue to experience intense fatigue so stay rested and do not overdo it .  This effect will not be free until after March 30th-31st , so get extra rest and watch over-eating, zoning out or watching too many movies or you will get exhausted.

Venus is still combust until April 2nd 2017.   This energy would normally create strong passionate expression and artistic creative energies for artists but with the afflictions can lead to major relationship outbursts. If the sexual/creative energy is not allowed to express itself it can lead to major conflicts. Best outlet for frustrated energy would be to do some wild dancing, take a craft class, sing loudly with the radio turned up or go on a wild shopping spree or create a massive artistic dinner with friends that you are not likely to get into fights with.

The conjunction can also lead to manipulative energy in relationships  and cause annoyances and friction and problems so remember to accept people with all their imperfections or you will likely be seething with anger.     If you are feeling friction, take a walk and get out the house rather than get into battle with your partner.

Monday night, March 27th  in the US  kicks in the Vedic New Year which in the US is  Libra rising with Venus in the 6th house so the placement we discussed above for Venus is important.   Monday night  kicks off the Vedic New Year and astrologers in India use this chart to predict the entire year. For the US, the ruler of the year will be Mars, who is well placed in Aries and Libra rising with Venus the chart in Venus in the 6th house.    We have written about this a few weeks back.  See:

Our friend and colleague, Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony  has written an article predicting the impact of this year and we will post a link to it later in the week on our Financial Astrology by Barry Rosen Facebook site..

Also Monday night begins the spring Navaratri celebration which we wrote about yesterday:


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