Jupiter retrogrades back into the constellation of Corvi (Virgo 10-23.20) know in the Vedic culture as Hasta  on April 14th until August 4th   The impact is that it will cease to support Mars as much as it has been channeling powerful and expansive energy to support Mars’s adventurism and athleticism and risk/taking and support the moon more whose transits shift every two days. Scorpios and Aries and people with Mars in their rising sign will probably notice the shift of support most in terms of feeling Jupiter’s support.

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer and should be happy in a Moon-ruled constellation so maybe its morals and wisdom will inspire genuine emotional content to create  a better world.  Cancer rising will be supported by the transit with more optimism and expansive energy.  Given the current amoral background in our Rahu world where business and political ethics have been thrown out the window, a stronger Jupiter in Hasta is welcome.  Jupiter will be exalted in the D-9 (navamsha chart ie Pada 4) April 14-May 17th and this will be a welcome lift for the planet.  This section support family life, material security, but is afraid of foreigners so not a plus for the migrant crisis.  Jupiter in this section will support deep philosophical writing and supporting Pisces and Sagittarius rising signs to support their instincts and do the right thing.

This is a revisit as we saw this transit Sept. 29-Dec. 4th, 2016. Jupiter’s retrograde motion continues to motivate us to win back what was lost and so loans and money lost during that time period may come up to be redeemed.  Jupiter retrograde always has a danger in bringing up laziness  or too much optimism and with the spring kalpha season creating lethargy you are going to have to get your exercise in if you are heavy as the continued retrograde action of Jupiter into June 9th will continue to slow things down.


PART 2: More on Hasta.

Hasta in Sanskrit means “the hand” but has an alternative translation which means to laugh. Hasta is connected to palmistry and to professions where ones using ones hands like masseurs and handymen do. Jupiter brings luck to wherever he transits so massage business and handymen may thrive into the summer and finding good  masseurs and fix-it-people may be supported now and certainly with the Mars/Ketu/Mercury mess in Aries, this is sorely needed.

The hands also are symbolic of the outstretched hands reaching for the Sun’s rays, which embody the god who gives life and starts the day’s activity. This constellation is connected to Savitar, a playful diety of tricks and amusements and games and sports and hence the combination in Virgo with the Sun brings out its Mercurial or Hermes like nature of being the trickster. Hence on these rainy spring days, its time to have people over and pull out your board and parlor games and have more fun!

On the dark side of this constellation, people with their Sun or Moon or ascendent  in Hasta may be fond of gambling and fraud and manipulation depending on afflictions here. This energy might come out if you had Mars in this constellation in your natal chart and it might get triggered by transiting Jupiter.

Another symbol for Hasta is the clenched fist representing the dark side of greed and ambition and not letting go of things embodying the fixed or stuck side of Virgo, an earth sign. It also is connected with the wheel of time and obsession with punctuality and clocks which we often connect to Virgos and a Virgo country like Switzerland.  I have to think that Jupiter in Hasta will continue to support cleaning things up and getting things in order and I continue to be obsessed by getting all the dust out of my office but that also could be Saturn’s influence as it stations today.

Hasta is ruled by the Moon and also Mercury because of the connection to Virgo. This is one of my favorite constellations as it promotes sensitive caring and nurturing and home and family life. Mercury brings out the jovial and light-hearted energy of the moon and Jupiter’s transit through it will promote those wonderful qualities.

Since Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and Hasta is connected to the moon, this transit is a happy one for Jupiter but somewhat restricted by its enemy Mercury which is why Jupiter in Virgo is considered to be in an enemy’s sign.  We have written an article showing that it may be too judgmental  to see any transits as bad really.  Still, people  born with Jupiter in Hasta may use their wisdom and their words to manipulate people and influence others.

Jupiter is afflicted only by benefic Venus but that only continues to support expansion and over-spending which some might see is good for the economy.  Even   the Sun’s opposition on April 7th will quickly pass as it moves into Aries on April 12th so its very positive side will come out and I think this is a time to laugh and enjoy.

Special thanks to Prash Trivedi and Komilla Sutton for their insights into this constellation and to all my Gurus and spiritual teachers.



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