Spring is here but April looks like it will bring challenges for growth. On the positive side we get the exalted Sun in Aries April 13-May 14th relatively unafflicted except by a Rahu aspect into April 19th creating optimism and confidence and leadership and joy in activity.  We also have Venus in Pisces aspected by Jupiter creating also increasing optimism and expansion despite craziness in the world.

Still we four retrograde planets this week with Mercury retrograde starting on Sunday night, Venus still retrograde in Pisces until Saturday, April 15th  and Jupiter retrograde until June 9th and Saturn retrograde until August 25th.  Pluto goes retrograde April 20th.  We have discussed all  of these before but the bottom line is things take more time to happen and we get frustrated so the key word for the month is patience and acceptance.

Full Moon in Virgo on April 10-11th depending on what time zone you are in will will usher in the Passover Holiday.  The opposition is between the idealized Piscean energy of the Sun with its inspiration and optimism vs. the practical pull of Virgo to ground the idealized energy.   The full moon will usher in a lot of hope for the next few weeks with the exalted Sun and the strong Venus and Jupiter will attempt to ground it to something practical and real to create concrete benefits in your life.

This week we also have to take care of health with with the Sun moving into the gandata April 10-16th and is particularly vulnerable Sunday April 12th as it is getting ready to move into Aries on April 13th.  We have written about this a few days back as there is an emotional churning that wants to release the old as we move into rebirth with Sun in Aries.  Sun  conjunct Uranus on April 14th and we write more about that but expect more unexpected events involving government and leadership and not sure we need anymore of that after last week.

Saturn continues squaring Venus between Sagittarius and Pisces  and is potent because both are stationary so continuing revaluation of business and romantic partnerships will continue and it will be time to get real.  We wrote about this last Thursday.

Later in the month, between April 18-22, Mars is throwing an 8th house aspect to Saturn which will increase anxiety and frustration and  rash behavior and create isolation and indecision.   Then Mars is squaring Rahu exactly into April 23rd and having an influence at least 3-4 days before  and after and this will test your power and courage but can release wild sexual energy, risk-taking and adventurism,  It can give you a lot of energy to go forth and conquer but with Rahu in Leo, it will be about looking good and gaining status rather than for humanitarian reasons.  This is hitting Trump’s rising sign very strongly and almost exactly in late April so hopefully the exalted Sun will give him the right kind of leadership energy to make good decisions.

Overall we will have to continue to be patient and Venus and Jupiter and the Sun will keep our optimism up to move forward with confidence. April is good month compared to July/ August when Mars gets debilitated and Venus is not as strong.

We all want our life to go perfectly but that is not always the case.  When we make mistakes and obstacles happen and we immediate start feeling that should not have happened and we get thrown off center.   The key to life is acceptance of what is.   Yet we spend so much time regretting the past and mistakes we have made or fighting what happened. The retrogrades remind us of the movie,   Ground Hog Day.   We are here on the planet in school to learn from our mistakes and get it right the next time with new and higher choices.

Accept and embrace all the changes that come with the retograde planets and  become so much bigger and more powerful and light so that your love can transform the planet.



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Still the value of Jyotish and the light is shine truth and Divinity on our darkness and to help release it but usually it takes a little help from our friends.  My practice has now centered on transformational healing and counseling work to release the past in the least painful way in and to vaporize it and return it back to the light.    The School of Karma can become a playground and a place for revelations for healing and growth and moving back to our purpose on the planet, to merge in Divine love and help others.

Accept and embrace all the changes that come with the retograde planets, with Saturn, with Ketu and use this time to become so much bigger and more powerful and light so that your love can transform the planet.

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