Wednesday was  the most difficult day of the Mercury retrograde as it was a Wednesday ruled by Mercury and was exactly conjunct to the Sun, Thursday morning at 1:54 am Eastern Time.   Mercury is considered combust when direct within 14 degrees of the Sun but when retrograde it is 11-12 degrees and that period will be over April 27th.  I find that Mercury conjunct the Sun creates a very busy and buzzy and frustrated mind with some agitation.   This is compounded by the Mercury being in an enemies sign of Aries and the constellation of Ashwini in Pada 2, owned by Taurus (3.20-6.40 Aries).  Here Mercury can be a bit impulsive and independent and fiery and aggressive and the depositor of Aries, Mars is in a causing havoc in Taurus and aspecting Saturn and Rahu rather closely into next Tuesday.   Find time for meditation and ways to quiet the mind today. The cobra pose and the shoulder stand in yoga can quiet the mind a bit and balance Mercury.  Be patient with angry communication from others and  technology problems and know that it will lift.  With Venus moving toward a total 90 degree square from Saturn into Friday and Saturday, relationship problems may also lead to depression about the state of your relationship so be patient. Angry conversational  battles on Friday and Saturday will probably not go anywhere.  It will all probably pass by April 30th when Venus moves about 3 degrees away from Saturn’s gaze.

Western astrologers teach us that planets exactly conjunct the Sun are strengthened and this is know as Cazimi and technically this occurs when the Sun is within 16-17 minutes of the Sun.  That time period was between 1-4 am Thursday morning and has already past and even if you use a broader sweeping period of about a full degree the benefit of absorbing the positive rays of Sun and shining will be done by about 3 pm on April 20th.  When Mercury is beneficially supported by the Sun it can   can create deep analytical abilities, shrew business practices and good financial planning so maybe a good day for bookkeeping but as the strength of the Mercury wanes away by tonight and the combustion continues into April 27th, one will have to be manage money more carefully over the next week and make sure that ethics return to business.

As my friend Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony points out, in the D-9 or Navamsha chart which reflects the hidden and inner qualities of the planets,  “Mercury, Mars, Sun, Moon, Saturn and Rahu all falling in Taurus navamsa  which places an emphasis on material and practical matters but can reflect impatience and rigid/uncompromising attitudes.”  If you are Taurus rising, there is a particularly strong set of energies  hitting you April 20-21 but it is a quick transit.

Mercury transits are quick.  There are still many other intense transits and aspects going on through April 25th so be patient and take care of yourself.  I will be going on a meditation retreat through Sunday and there will be a pause in my writing until I get back on Monday, April 25th.  Have a great weekend.

Special thanks to my teacher Komilla Sutton and all my Jyotish Gurus and spiritual gurus for their wisdom and continual inspiration.


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