EYE ON THE SKY: Spring/Summer Sneak Preview

When I look at the whole year, I feel like between now and mid-May is one of the better times of the year so it is  a chance to plunge ahead and make things happen. I particularly like the exalted Sun into May 14th, the exalted Venus until May 30th and Jupiter trining Mars into May 12th.  Mercury goes direct on May 3rd and Mars is aspecting its own sign of Scorpio from Taurus until May 25th.  At the old saying goes, “the best of times is now.”

When Mars goes into Gemini on May 26th, I think that the summer will heat up. First it opposes Saturn exactly on May 29th creating its typical anger/frustration/delay/indecision complex but a bit more intense with Saturn in the early degrees of Sagittarius in the gandanta.  Then it exchanges signs with Mercury  and Mars until June 3rd when Mercury goes into Taurus and that is always good for a great arguments and battles.  Saturn gets weaker June 10-July 3rd as it occupies the dangerous void of course gandata degrees from 1 Sagittarius to 29 Scorpio.  Authority tensions then pop with Sun opposition Saturn into June 15th.

In July we get all the oppositions between planets going through Gemini and opposing Pluto with the Sun opposing Pluto and July 10th and Mars opposing Pluto on July 2nd and so if we are going to get any real tensions with Korea, they could easily flare up in July.   Rahu also does a sneaky 30 degree angle July 12th to Mars and that always increases fighting and tensions. Mars is then debilitated in Cancer July 11th-August 20th and that also increases tensions, anger and rioting somewhere in the world.

Finally the summer finishes with a total solar eclipse that total cuts across the United States and it is the first total solar eclipse visible in the US since 1918 that cuts across the entire country.  We will write about it more.

Finally September has Rahu and Ketu changing signs into Cancer and Capricorn on Sept. 8th and Jupiter moving into Libra on Sept. 11th and Mercury conjuct Mars on Sept. 16th.  I think the worse of the late spring and summer challenges is over by then although we do start a Kala Sarpa Yoga for the fall on Sept. 17th.

Bottomline:  Use lighter, optimistic and expansive energy between now and May 20th to get key things one on the year and it will get easier as Mercury goes direct just leaving Jupiter and Pluto and Saturn Retrograde.

We will of course write about all these events in detail as they get close in but for now, live in the moment and the “best of times” is always NOW! NOW! NOW!

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