Mercury is slowing down to go direct on May 3rd but it is doing so in the early degrees of Aries between 0-1 and will be there an unusually long time and does not even get out of this troubled zone until after May 9th.  Being in Ketu’s nakshatra of Ashwini gives the mind a fiery angry quality but it is still in the gandanta where the soul is dealing with past karma and old memories and problems come up to haunt one.  The bright side of the transit is very deep intuition bordering on the psychic.  Still Mercury is a bit unsettled here and the intellect is still a bit slow and communication problems seem daunting.  Probably many of you are thinking this is the worst Mercury retrograde–and it is–but it is more complicated now being in the void and slowing doing and lingering in  this drowning knot. This is particularly difficult for Virgos as this is an 8th house transit and the past is really coming up to be healed.

The cobra pose and the plank pose can stimulate Mercury but for those who know brain gym exercises, it is a good chance to practice them to get the mind working clearly and sharply so it does not seem stuck in molasses.    Mercury is spending a huge amount of time in this area and if you have any planets at 0-3 degrees Aries, they are probably irritated.  Saturn is trining Mercury also and they are together in the D-9 chart in Aries is now compounding slow intellect and communication so be patient and be redundant to make sure things are clear.  Things will get a little better with Mercury direct starting on May 3rd but you may not notice anything until after May 9th.

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