I have personally been going through a lot of physical and emotional challenges and when I talk to my friends, I am hearing great distress also.  Many of us are  are really on the edge, emotionally and mentally the last few weeks despite excellent astrology on the surface.  The culprit is Mercury at the edge of Aries with Uranus and Saturn retrograde at the edge of Sagittarius aspecting  Mercury and Uranus each other in a tight trine that shows up in the D-9 chart with both in .  Mercury will move out of the vulnerable area by Friday, May 12th but Saturn will continue to trine Uranus exactly until May 19th and their tight orb will continue until  June 20th when Saturn moves out of Sagittarius into Scorpio. All of this is happening in the Aries gandanta (Aries 0-3) where deep unconscious patterns come up to the surface to heal and churn and they create these deep rumblings that everything is not ok.

Everyone wonders why Mercury retrograde is not letting up as communication and computer glitches and general anxiety is high despite exalted Venus and a strong Mars and a strong Sun.  Many people  are up against material problems that seem to be coming out of nowhere with health and finance and career and Saturn in Aries in the D-9 has a way of creating more anxiety than we can deal with and everything slows down and we get nothing done.  Uranus is creating an uncanny problem of surprises where everything comes out of nowhere or… in other words, everything seen, originates in the unseen.  Trump firing Comey is that kind of surprise with Mercury conjunct Uranus.  This means we cannot  often control what seems to be going on around us by having a conscious relationship with that which is actually in control of everything that seems to be and occasionally is.

Pluto is hard at work also in the background also forcing us to surrender and accept and Saturn is spinning webs of anxiety that are not helpful in moving forward in our life–yet we have to find someway to do so.    The trick will be engaging Mars for courage as he is so strong in the sky and dismissing the rumbling subconcious anxiety going on in the background.  Gemini/Virgo/Capricorn/Aquarius and Sagittarius and Aries are most on the edge with all of this and Libra is feeling the impact on relationships with it happening in the 7th house and Taurus feeling it with it happening in the 12th. That leaves just Scorpio, Cancer and Leos probably not feeling it as much.

Still if we search deeply there is a underlying core of well being there that we have to grasp onto and it is there with Venus exalted in Pisces and Mars aspected by Jupiter and the Sun exalted and the Full moon today for Buddha’s Birthday.  We have to tap into that core and not buy into the mental worries of the mind and the core anxiety that Saturn will continue to cause until November–and it is just doing its job.

If you are challenged, we have to reach to Pluto and surrender and Divine will.  Fighting “what is” and saying it shouldn’t be this way plagues the mind and cause our current discomfort.  We do not have to keep going through what we are going through. Surrender is the key. Once you surrender to the ineffable and once you take it upon yourself to rely on the grace of God, then you have a chance to be free. It does take a shift of the mind and doing enough meditation practice so that we can reach back and find that Lightness of Being.  If we do not go there we are going to get gripped by Saturn’s grumbling and complaining.

And still we have to avoid spiritual by-pass and be real with what is going on in our life and somehow reach back to the power of the very strong Jupiter in the sky (exalted in D-9) that is reminding us that we are safe and always protected and taken care.  There is underlying it all, an ineffable lightness of Being.  If   we can let go of the heavy luggage and baggage of the mind that is carrying a 100 pound suitcase through the airport when we just need a 20 pound carry-on.   Let go of the baggage.  What will be. Find the those unbearable moments of lightness and love to fall back on or you will be doomed to the gnawing and complaining mind.  Find the sweetness of Venus and trust in the Divine which is strong in Jupiter now while they are there to give us light this month as June looks more challenging.

Wishing you all joy and blessings in the midst of your suffering and may the Divine come to you in this great time of need.



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Again, charts are very individual and we do not ever want to stereotype people by sign but sometimes its a way of putting one’s finger right away on a core problem for the person’s entire life.


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