The planets are setting up to tell us to rest this weekend.  Mars is weak in transit between 20-23.20 Taurus where it is debilitated in D-9 suggesting lower energy or time for spiritual activity or teaching or coaching if you are Aries or Scorpio rising.

Saturn is weak in transit until Thanksgiving so on Saturdays, it will show more pronounced effects on the day it rules.  Also Saturn will be conjunct the moon at 6:56 pm EDT on Saturday in Sagittarius  adding to fatigue and grumbling and fear energy.  Saturn in Aries in D-9 (navamsha)  may want to run around and do too much and then you will pay for it so go lightly and rest.  Fasting is good on Saturdays to support a weak Saturn if that works for your system. Doing meditation and yoga always supports Saturn to calm it down and eating hot and nourishing foods and going more slowly is just necessary.  If you run around like a rabbit  the air or Vata element will be aggravated and you will just feel anxious.  Drink calming herbal teas like Chamiolle to calm things down.

Sun is changing into Taurus on Sunday one of the weakest points for the Sun is between signs, 29.40-0.40 of any sign as it is not sure if it is coming or going. Another reason to rest this weekend or anger or excessive rajasic energy might boil over.

Venus is strong in Pisces still til May 31st so Fridays are still good date nights to have fun so enjoy tonight.  Mercury is finally moving out of Aries in the D-9 chart where it has been conjunct Saturn so that may finally start easing computer and communication issues.  Still Saturn is with Uranus in the the D-9 until June 11th and that will continue to create computer and technology problems and this current Ransomeware malware problem is going to be an issue so protect your computers. Happening in Ketu’s constellation of Ashwini where these kinds of problems can surface.

Monday the moon in Sagittarius is in a sensitive degree parallel to the Sun where technically the sun and moon have the same declination within a degree.  This is called Vaidhrita in Vedic astrology and I find that it creates more emotional volatility and craziness in the mind and the environment so continue to find ways to stay calm, meditate, do your yoga and stay ground and do not over-exert yourself.  Energy will finally pick up by Wednesday when Mars goes into Mrigashira /Orion (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) and Venus approaches opposition with Jupiter into May 19th and we will write more about these next week.

So rest, have fun and be happy.  The world will not end despite what the media wants to spin and the politicians will battle it out like the arena for entertainment this week and the next and next year and next decade so to expect a solid and sound government for the people is an ultimate maya and false hope.  Yes challenge social injustice and volunteer but go do something actively and positively  instead of grumbling about politics.

Have a great weekend!


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