We do not get to write about Neptune very often because it moves so slowly staying 14 years in a sign but it is changed  constellations into Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20) known by Western astronomers as Pegasus.   The last time we had this transit was March 1853-April 1859.  Because Neptune goes retrograde June 16th we only get a brief stay but it will spend the next 7 years there starting next March.

While the outer planets are not a traditional part of Vedic astrology, I find them important for understanding collective behavior and if they impact sensitive points in your chart within 2 degrees by transit or in your natal chart, they can be rather impactful. As Dennis Harness has discussed, Narendra  Desai saw an ancient Vasistha Nadi palm leaf in a museum in Madras, India, which predicted that three important grahas or planets would be discovered by the jyotishis of the Kali Yuga.  The middle one, Varuna is know today as Neptune. “Varuna is the lord of the cosmic waters and is associated with the mysterious laws of fate. He is a powerful, mystical healer and is the lord of maya or illusion. Varuna is the bestower of spiritual wisdom and the god of cosmic medicines.   This sounds strikingly similar to the role and meaning of Neptune, god of the mystical seas, in modern tropical astrology.”

Neptune is  now connected to Jupiter in this constellation in transit is going to increase psychic and intuitive energies and spiritual idealism. With the positive connection to Jupiter through the nakshatra, it will promote idealism, universality, compassion and spiritual by-pass where we shirk reality and use religion and spirituality to escape our personal problems.

On the level of mundane astrology, Neptune is connected to schemes, inflation, conspiracies  grand governmental plans so everything will get bigger in scope for growth ideals in this constellation. Neptune can deflate these bubbles but the high hopes of Neptune/Jupiter connections can inflate bubbles. We only have a small window for this until July 11th but then it returns with a bang between March 2018 and January 2025.  It is also supportive for the film industry, raw cotton, medicine, surgical goods, tobacco, drugs, chemicals and perfumes.

Neptune also rules socialism so the Bernie movement will probably come back strongly from 2018 onward but it also contributes to political instability as if we do not have enough of.  Depending on the strength of Jupiter in transit over the coming years, it will negatively or positively impact.  Jupiter in Virgo now seems relatively strong and is moving toward station on June 9th and its strength will probably create more of the intense optimism and bubble energy in the markets.

The darker side of the constellation of Pegasus is secret societies and conspiracies and we have to be concerned that the Deep State will be emboldened with this transit to create more Neptunian fog.   Will it take Saturn aspects Neptune exactly in a sextile (sixty degrees) in January 2019 to burst the Deep State bubble?   For now they will probably get more powerful.

The symbols for this unique nakshatra are a sword, the first two legs of a funeral cot, and a two faced man. The sword represents the ability to cut through negativity to get to the truth. The two faced man indicates the ability to see both sides of an issue but also may be symbolic in Western psychology of our dark side or shadow   This nakshatra is ruled by the benefic Jupiter, which reflects the high idealism of this asterism but for a star ruled by Jupiter, it has an unusual dark quality to it.  On the positive side, this constellation teaches to lead a life of personal sacrifice with no expectation of glory. On the dark side it can bring out sexual obsessions and greedy power struggles. Luckily in transit, it will be channeling a strong Jupiter in Hasta nakshatra (ruled by the Moon) in Virgo and bringing  out the higher qualities.

The Deity of this constellation obscure and is called Aja-Ekapada or the one-footed goat that is part of the entourage of Shiva and in Tarot it is connected to the devil card.  It is troubling that secret societies like the Illuminati consider the goat god their main deity and this constellation is connected with black magic.  On a symbolic level this is a constellation where the fires of Shiva can destroy those aspects of a decaying society.  Given the power struggles going on between George Soros, the CIA and our new President, we wonder what fireworks will develop.

When has to watch out for more sexual scandal for the coming years as this constellation brings out the darker side.  For a constellation ruled by Jupiter, this star is connected with negative human traits including paranoia, pessimism, debauchery, violence, cruelty and erratic sexual behavior.  It is by far the most intense constellation in the zodiac. If you were born with the Sun here between March 5-17th or have the ascendent or moon here, the major lessons are learning humility and not getting caught in the ego.  If you are born under this star, it is important to get devoted to the light right away.   Still people in this constellation are sincere, hard-working and will do anything to achieve their goals. I Still people born with this star will have extremes in sexual behavior that may be viewed by society as abnormal or out of the box.

On the bright side, if Jupiter is unafflicted, the dark side of this constellation will be controlled.  They can lead us to penance, detachment and generosity and purification.  It is the most Jekyll and Hyde constellation in the zodiac.  People born under this constellation may look well-mannered and acceptable on the outside but are they using their wealth and resources to benefit society?  Or do we surrender  our ego and find our highest calling for more service and philanthropic action.

So observe the energies until July 11th and then get ready for the second test in March 2018 for a while. We will research the politics of 1853-1859 to report  on the political possibilities this transit offers us the next 7-8 years.

Special thanks to my friend Juliana Swanson for a discussion on this material and to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their deep insights into this constellation.

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