With Saturn opposing the Sun today and anxiety and high blood pressure running high today, it seemed that it was time to talk again about Saturn in transition.  Saturn, representing hard work, responsibility, old age, enlightenment through  isolation, adversity (and prosperity)  will be transiting into the end of Scorpio retrograde from June 20-July 2nd in a very intense area of the zodiac called the gandanta or knotted area where problems seem difficult to untangle in a big knot.  Western astrologers call that area  the stinger’s tail of Antares in Scorpio at 29.14-30.00   It stays in the gandanta area of Scorpio until it goes back into Sagittarius Oct 27th but the worse part of the transit is into July 2nd and we are repeating an intense period from Jan. 18-27th of this past year for a rerun.

Retrograde Saturn beckons us to learn responsibility so whatever house Scorpio is connected with will be up for a revisit.     This area is linked to karmic strain and spiritual awakening and often after the material gains from the transit through Jyestha nakshatra know as Antares (Scorpio 16.40-29.59),  there is an emotional churning for spiritual awakening.  Sometimes this is a result of material fragmentation and loss but it does not have to be that way and will depend more on the rising sign.  If we have not moved onto the spiritual path, this transit can create disruption and upheaval around the material to point you toward the Divine. It is a time of karmic endings and anytime a slow planet like Saturn changes signs.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius permanently Oct. 26th    Gandanta literally means knots to spiritual growth and if you were born at the end of Scorpio or are Capricorn or Aquarius rising or have a sidereal Vedic Sun or Moon in Sagittarius or Capricorn, winterowlthan this transit is particularly potent.  The soul is wanting to unravel deep and difficult psychological karma so that it can free itself and become liberated so it can be a very intense time but ultimately rewarding.

For some people, if you have natal planets placed at 26.40-29.59 Scorpio, this transit may bring up a danger of indulgence in fantasy, sexual intrigue, intoxication as a result of excessive emotional churning.  For some, Saturn’s sense of over-responsibility may be triggered leading to extreme protectiveness. Donald Trump has his natal moon in this section of the zodiac and we wonder if this transit with trigger his innate fears around homeland security which seem to be core issues he was born with and certainly his public image will become more tarnished although the press has continues a non-stop assault on him since the election so he may no notice.

We have discussed remedies for Saturn in numerous articles but it is time to stay disciplined around exercise, meditation, yoga and not running around like a rabbit and learning to walk like a King or Queen. Slow it down or you will feel the intense. Drink calming teas and say away from dry and cold foods to pacify the air element even though it seems easier to eat those in the summer.

When we become anxious we want to change everything in hopes that will ease the anxiety but make sure you make changes that are beneficial for you. Avoid grumbling and find time for gratitude and praising others.  Look at your deep psychological blocks and do something about them as that is what Saturn wants to happen.

Have a great day!

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