With Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio, we have to reflect on our experiences from 2016 when Saturn was transiting from 20-30 degrees.  Saturn shows its impact more in the last 10 degrees of any sign and that is why the retrograde transit into Scorpio is more likely to activate its intensity at Scorpio 27-30 than in the early degrees of Sagittarius.. We have written numerous articles on Saturn in the last 3 degrees of Scorpio,  but wanted to go back into the meaning of Saturn in the Scorpio, the natural 8th house and how we can combat its influences.

Stress and fear  increase when Saturn is in Scorpio as there is a natural tendency to connect with the 8th house swamp of unconscious fears and we start fearing the end of the world, nuclear war and all kinds of dangers. We have written about the uselessness of fear and of how 99% of what we fear does not happen so you always have to remember most of what we fear will not happen.  Use exercise, yoga and meditation to calm Saturn in Scorpio.  Stay away from Hollywood fear and horror productions as they feed this energy and will quickly get you out of balance.  The 8th house is connected to death and Saturn in Scorpio may start spinning all kinds of death fantasies in your mind and for the rest of the world — when none really exist.   Even if major earth changes and wars are coming, why waste your energy in the fear of the future?  God has a plan and we have to trust.

Saturn in Scorpio may want to stay secretive and emotionally repressed as Scorpio has that mystery energy. In its deepest sense, Scorpio is always beckoning us to meditation and the transcendental mysteries (its deepest Ketu nature) but this may only come after we have exhausted ourselves but thinking we can calm those unconscious fears with sexual over-stimulation or addictive behavior.   Again, you have to go for the higher energies of the 8th house with meditation, astrology and quest for liberation as sexual fantasies and addictive patterns will only lead to crashing and burning unless you are in a very loving relationship with a caring and nuturing partner.

Saturn in Scorpio can bring out the darker energies of sexual manipulation or fears of expressing true intimacy through deep love.  You are going to have to find a way to let this sexual repressed energy out in a positive way and sometimes that can be handled through artistic creativity and moving the energy up rather than down.  Still Saturn can create a lot of emotional turmoil around 8th house energy.  8th house is kundalini energy and the energy can go up or down but when it goes down it ultimately leads to dullness and inertia and is a form of checking out we seek from the deep unconscious fears of the 8th house.  Discover spiritual practices and move the energy up to enliven joy and alertness in the higher chakras.

When repressed unconscious fears over death or unexpressed sexual energy happen, it can lead to depression and Saturn is good at bringing out that darkness.  This may be a time to go into therapy, regularly talk with your partner but do not let the bottled emotion stew in the natural 8th house of the swamp of the zodiac or it can become problematic. Seek professional help and turn to spiritual initiation to move the energy out of the swamp.

If you have a Scorpio Moon or a Scorpio Sun (Nov. 16-Dec. 15th) or Scorpio rising, you may have a lot more intense emotion to deal with.  Find ways to discharge the emotion through exercise as Mars is often the remedy for Saturn and Scorpio will get strengthen if Mars feels fit and strong and active and not stuck in the swamp of emotions.  In all cases, go deep into your insecurities and fears and bring them out into the surface. Bring those dark secrets out and you will feel free.  Secrets destroy us force us to spin all kinds of scenarios and Saturn in Scorpio is beckoning us to release and unlock them to feel freer.

On the mundane level, fears of being spied upon are likely to increase into the fall and by now hopefully we are used to  how  Google and Facebook controlling our lives  knowing everything about our buying habits and what websites we visit will increase these fears.  Know that you are safe and that big government can know anything they want about you so let go of that fear. It is part of our Orwellian world and there is not much to do but go off the grid and live in a cabin if you are really that afraid.  Who cares?

If you are Scorpio or Taurus or Capricorn or Leo rising, Saturn may bring up heavier responsibility and you will feel the weight and burden more. The retrograde action of Scorpio into August 26th is forcing us to revisit those areas where we have shirked responsibility. Whatever house Scorpio is in your chart, will be revisited for a new chance to work harder. If you are Scorpio rising than Saturn will affect health and self-esteem and you will have to work harder on taking care of yourself. If you are Libra rising and Saturn is transiting the 2nd house, you will have to find more responsibility for your family and taking care of finances and not repressing your speech or feelings.    We have reminded you to slow down with Saturn as if we run around like a rabbit, it creates health problems.


Vedic astrology likes to look at transits from the moon as these impact our mind and emotional life and that is always ½ the battle –to not gripped on the mental and emotional level.  If you were born with Moon in Gemini, Virgo or Capricorn, Saturn’s transit in Scorpio will be easier while Scorpio moons will have to deal with health and a last revisit of Sade Sat.  There could be more emotional depression and isolation or poor decisions so get good advice.  Aries moons may have a difficult transit requiring deep transformation and draining of the swamp.

The most challenging part of the transit through Scorpio will be when Mars is in Cancer, July 11-August 27th.  As Mars is the owner of Scorpio, when the depositor is weak, it creates more turmoil for its tenant, Saturn.  We are concerned about an outbreak of violence and rioting this summer as when Mars is weak, it can lead to more social upheaval and then it is conjunct Rahu August 26-27th and that will be a critical time for the planet.

Saturn in Scorpio for the last time will force us to work hard on our deepest issues and free them into the light.  Saturn requires us to work hard and when we do, we do not have suffer but many of us our lazy and not willing to do the work. Go into the darkness and know that there is nothing to fear in the depths of the swamp. Drain the swamp and transform it in a beautiful recreational lake and you will thrive.

Special thanks to all my Jyotish Gurus.

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