Saturday, July 8th: The week starts out with the full moon in Sagittarius at 11:07 pm Central Daylight Time.  Every degree of the zodiac is packed with meaning and the full moon at 23 degrees of Sagittarius is powerful this year for the Guru Purnima celebration.  My friend Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony wrote about it very beautifully on her blog: “Well, the Moon aligns with the invincible and invigorating star of Purva Ashadha, in the sweet pushkara navamsa of Libra, signifying that this will be an opportune time to do contemplative and healing practices and rituals that recharge our life force, and it’s also a great time to review and renew our commitments and goals in harmony with our values and aspirations, and it’s important now to avoid conflict at all cost and stay focused within. Additionally, the full Moon will conjoin the fixed star Rukbat, Alpha Sagittarius, in the knee of the archer, a symbol of spiritual humility and surrender which is such an important message for us during this year’s Guru Purnima. As we bring our personal will into alignment with the will of the Divine, offering our hearts and minds into the truth of our higher nature beyond the illusions of this world, we are transformed into true freedom.””   See my post yesterday  about this auspicious full moon.

Monday, July 10th:  Sun opposes Pluto at 12:31 am EDT between Gemini  and Sagittarius  and the impact will be felt most on Sunday, ruled by the Sun and when the Sun is within 2 degrees of Pluto between July 8-12th. On a personal level, this transit will lead to sudden revelations about your life that you have not understood as Pluto is connected to the deep realms of the unconscious.  You may have trouble with bosses or leaders and you have to make sure not to be too over-dominating to other if you are in a leadership position. You may finally have the energy to make sweeping transformations in your life.  Good time to avoid violent areas of time as sometimes others, not on a spiritual path, can have huge upsurges of anger.  Usually the stock market does not like this aspect so Sunday night could be down if ranging world leaders at the G-20 exert their muscle in angry banter.

Tuesday, July 11th:  Mars moves into Cancer until August 26th and we will have to write an article about this.  The first week of the transit is still strong being connected to the constellation of Purnavasu owned by Jupiter.  Still anger and fatigue will come up if you are ruled by Mars (Scorpio or Aries rising) or if it is dominant in your chart in the 1st house or 7th house so go to be early next week and stay rested and pace yourself.  The combustion and closeness to the Sun is within 5 degrees by Tuesday and will start having a deeper impact.  Read our earlier article from last week about this phenomenon.  Stay alert to avoid accidents and cuts and bruises and the Warrior pose in yoga and the frog for the adrenals will help.

Wednesday, July 12-13th:  Moon moves into Aquarius and is conjunct Ketu in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday.  This is good for intuition and deep meditation but can unnerve emotions sometimes.   Moon in Aquarius is often more challenging for old karmic baggage to come up to heal and the affliction from Ketu can bring up depression, shyness, paranoia, self-doubt and beating oneself up. Thursday is better as it moves away from Ketu and gets more connected to Jupiter’s constellation and may support meditation, mysticism, inventive energy, powerful dreams and political and humanitarian action.

Saturday/Sunday, July 15th-16th:  Sun is moving out of Gemini  and will be  be 29’00 at 6:40 CDT on Saturday and will be in the “gap” for a few  hours until it reaches 1 degree of Cancer.  This is called Sandhi Sun where the Sun is in transition as it moves into Cancer on Sunday July 16th at 6:44 am CDT.  For purposes of electional astrology, it is thought not to start auspicious events when the Sun is between 29.40-0.40 when it is changing signs and you have to be more careful with travel at these times.  Sun does not move past the critical time window until after 10 pm on Sunday to a good day to rest.  Sun in Cancer will afflicted by Mars and Mercury in transit and we will write about this next week but the Sun usually burns up his enemies.  Sun afflicted in Cancer may lead one to tire easily with new projects, over-sleeping, shifting moods, ebbing finances and work issues and emotional spats with partners or loved-ones.

MONDAY, JULY 17TH:   Neptune is squaring Venus exactly at 10:43 am on Monday July 17th and the impact of that square will probably be felt from Friday, July 14th through at least July 19th. This aspect will  stimulate romantic imagination but you will have to be realistic about what is really going on in your relationship. This will impact Taurus and Scorpios mostly but also Aquarius rising and Cancer rising so all the fixed signs.  Venus is strong in Taurus so it will be positive  with the Jupiter aspect and it is far enough from the Saturn opposition at the end of the month.  Make sure your relationship is real and not something that is floating in your mind. If it is not real, the Saturn opposition into July 24th may lead to a break-up or disappointment.

Uranus is squaring Mars from Aries to Cancer in the sidereal zodiac exactly at 9:35 pm EDT on Monday , July 17th and will probably impact Mars most on Tuesday, July 18th.  The two degree orb will probably be felt from July 15-July 19th. This aspect can create sudden upsets, rash behavior, outbursts and surprises and will impact Scorpio rising and Aries rising most but also Cancer rising.  It may foster rebellion.  The signature can create accidents if you are not focused on what you are doing of you are unable to awaken from an unconscious pattern or repressed anger that you are not dealing with.  Let go of resentment and scream in your empty house to let it out.   Use the energy of this transit to start new projects or invent new things.  For the world, this aspect can sometimes trigger earthquakes or violence or fires but this would only impact you personally  if you were running a malefic Mars period and had key planets at 3-5 degrees Cancer.

Still I think with Jupiter trining Venus exactly into July 18th, there will be more of an expansive and happy mood overall over the next week so enjoy.

Special thanks to my Jyotish Gurus and especially to Bill Levacy and  Komilla Sutton.

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Will leave you with a stanza from a poem I wrote that is connected to our cover picture:

To God,

Jupiter must be a giant marble,

rolling  in the dunes

bouncing off of a sandy foot,

that has caressed a

mossy rock

drenched by misty fog

rolling over an awakened metropolis.

Have a great day.


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