In Vedic astrology, Jupiter represents the Guru of the spiritual realm and Venus the Guru of the material realm.  We just completed Guru Purnima and it has me reflecting on the power of the Divine.

Both Gurus bring Divine grace to counter the malefics.  We have to keep it all in perspective.  The malefics create problems and suffering to spur us to move off of the wheel of karma and they are doing their jobs.  If we did not have problems, we would not be motivated to move toward enlightenment and get off the wheel of Karma.  Behind each challenge is a deep school to move us another notch forward on our journey to get it right this time and make better decisions.  Kind of like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.   By the end of the movie he has learned to be a great humanitarian and great person after starting out the movie as a jerk.

The astrology is not very easy now with Saturn at the end of Scorpio in the stinger’s tail (gandanta)  (Scorpio 26.40-29.59)  until October and this has brought up deep problems that do not seem to want to go away and we tend to externalize them and think they will be there forever and we suffer.  Also the nodes are getting ready to change signs. The nodes are in effect stationary in the 0-1 degree range into early September  and if you are in a Rahu or Ketu period  or have natal planets at 0-2 Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra or Sagittarius or as we move into Sept-October if you have planets at 28-30 Cancer, Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio you are going to have to be patient.  Because this is going on for about 3 months, you have to tackle with pujas ( for Rahu and Ketu or mantras as there is a sense that something is wrong and it does not go away and suddenly by the 3rd month you are needing, legal, medical or psychological help.   We wrote about this last week as Nodes on the edge bring out their darker qualities and are likely to create relationship issues or being too overbearing in leadership and blowing out others.

Still Jupiter and Venus are there holding up our tragedies and suffering.  The trick is not to get caught up in complaining and Saturn and find ways to apply Jupiter and gratitude.  Before you go to bed every night make sure you are thankful for what is happening.

I have just finished a 3 year Rahu/Saturn period  with Saturn in the 12th in natal chart and Rahu in the 2nd and I am still standing and survived Saturn over my natal moon.   There is grace.  Some of the biggest problems that I never thought would disappear have dissolved or at least been put in the shelf.  Isn’t it like that?  When we look back at the toughest periods of our lives, the Divine is somehow there to rescue us and get us through.  The secret is to remember that we have made it through tough times and we are a better person for it and maybe if we had not had them, we would be the person we are today.

So in the middle of tough times we have to remember there is a hidden hand guiding us and plotting our highest good and we always have to accept and be thankful. When the mind fights it and says this should not be happening, we create immense tension for our soul.  What is, is?  Find the peace in the disturbance and you will sail through life. Meditation, yoga and spiritual practice help a lot and has been a life-saver but we have the will-power to not over-agonize our talk about our problems to our friends for hours.  We are given free will to make new choices, to  a kinder, more compassionate person everyday.   We can always do service work and donate money to others in trouble and that will lessen our own suffering and make us realize, its not so bad.  We really have so much.

I am fortunate to have a spiritual Guru in my life and he answers when I write and miracles happen in the nick of time. I just have to remember to be thankful at all times and not to complain or feel victimized.  I am very grateful.

Even the most difficult 12th house challenges like hospitalization or imprisonment are often self-imposed exiles and are ways of checking out from emotional surges we cannot deal with.  Find the courage to make new and better choices, to tackle your most difficult grunge and freedom can be yours. Or, complain, blame, repeat mistakes, and your prison sentence in your own mind will not be paroled and it is your own doing.

The Unseen Hand of the Divine is always guiding us.  I leave you with one of my favorite passages from Emmanual’s Book:

“You are safe. You are safe.  You are infinitely safe. Oh, my dears, if I could only make it possible for you to experience the loving, gentle kindness of the universe, the balance, the fairness, the sweetness and the joy.  there would never be another moment of fear in your entire lives. And this is true.”

Still space in my new course starting July 16th. Learn how to integrate all levels of a person’s life from your body to your mind, emotions, soul, how people see you and what happens when you move.


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