Jupiter moves into the constellation of Chitra on Friday, August 4th which is one of the constellations of the zodiac commonly know as Spica which lies in Virgo between 23.20 degrees and Libra 6.40 degrees.  It will stay there until the middle of October. Chitra is one of the more material constellations and spans the end of Virgo into the beginning of Libra.  Chitra means brilliant or many-colored or illusionary.  Its symbol is a shining jewel or a pearl representing the mysterious creativity of the universe that can transform a grain of sand into a gem and work of art out of nothing.

The constellation is ruled by Tvastar, the celestial architect also know as Vishwakarma, the creation worker.  His role is to create maya or the illusionary force of the drama of life. He is the grand illusion maker creating delightful things but has no attachment to what he creates, much  like modern scientists and technicians and engineers who fashion great devices that sometimes are used by the ruling elite or politicians in the wrong way.

The constellation reminds us of the inventive energy found in part of Aquarius and in particular in  the Virgo section of Chitra. It is concerned with the intricate workings of things and how things work.  The country of Japan is governed by this constellation and and you can see how their artistic/ scientific mind is always a work creating new technology and gadgets. This constellation asks the question: “why does it work this way” and how can I utilize it to create magic in the material world.

People born with sun, moon or ascendent in this constellation are passionate, creative, hard-working, efficient but if Mars, the ruler of the constellation is afflicted, people may become blind or obsessive to the deeper spiritual meaning of existence and get caught up in life’s maya.  If Mars is not strong in their chart they may be more lazy; they are often great scholars and are often eccentric and are difficult to understand.   People born under this constellation make great architects, sculptors and are connected to the farming/agricultural  caste and Virgo.  They tend to be more a part of society that serve the ruling classes and are financed by them and they need patrons to support their artistic ventures.

Jupiter transits into the first pada of this nakshatra ruled by Leo (Virgo 23.20-26.40) August 4-24th  where the emphasis is on personal glamour, and  the ability to keep secrets of deep esoteric knowledge.  Jupiter’s transit here will bring power in leadership  and support our President who was born with his natal Jupiter at 24 degrees in this constellation, while stationary in the sky creating great leadership in a creative way. The 2nd pada transit, ruled by Virgo (26.40-30.00) happens August 24-Sept. 1th , and is a more material section which is very disciplined and likes to complete whatever it has started.  Jupiter’s transit here will increase analytical thinking around the deeper purpose of life.

Mars is ruler of this constellation which is surprising as it creates great artists who require a sense of harmony and balance but Venus is the secondary ruler particularly in the Libra section (0.00 Libra to 6.40).  (Sept. 11-Oct. 13).   Venus’s artistic and creative energy refines the raw active and passionate nature of Mars to create great buildings and inventions of a mechanical nature.

So what does Jupiter’s transit through this star bring?  Jupiter will enhance technical skills, promote great speech writing and support artists to create great masterpieces. It is a time for writers and engineers and inventors and architects to flourish in their crafts and for great new inventions to be cognized and developed by next year, and for a great new unfoldment of new technical and inventive devices which  will come to market.  This is a time to spend more deep hours working on and unfolding your creative genius and to allow it to manifest into something great on a material level.  If you are an artist, this  transit of Jupiter may bring more fortune to you and allow you the ability to get a patron to sponsor you.

On the darker side, Jupiter is channelling Mars’ energy and Mars is fallen until  August 26th in Cancer.   The connection  between Mars and Jupiter,  when strong in September can support courage and adventure and risk-taking but now when fallen, Jupiter ruled folks (Pisces and Sagittarius) will have to be more alert and avoid risk.  Afflicted Jupiter and Mars combination can create recklessness in finance and we do think the stock market will come off after August 14th and fall 10-15% this fall into October but not crash. Personal finance has to be managed well when Mars/Jupiter afflictions are happening.

On a spiritual level, this transit will inspire compassion from the caring side of Virgo and in a sense it is a time to reach out into the community and help the homeless and the poor and those who have been left behind. It is a time to do spiritual service work to accumulate merit to move on through your spiritual growth. It could create a turning point for you if you have been stuck in the more material aspect of artistic illusion in order to move more deeply  into the Divine.   Connection to Durga and the creative impulse of Mother Divine can help move through the maya of the material world and toward moving beyond the illusion into the true nature of the Divine.

So enjoy the third constellation in Virgo and move into your creative realms and start great projects to benefit mankind. Bring out the kind and compassionate energy of Virgo, the Divine Mother who deeply cares for her children. Move beyond the material realm of new gadgets to  the Christian ethos of helping those in needs. Jupiter’s transit here will bring out more energy to foster compassion in a crazy world.

All gratitude to Prash Trivedi and Komilla Sutton for their insights into this constellation.

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