The Sun moves into the constellation of Ashlesha (Hydra, Cancer 16.40-29.59) on August 2nd and journeys through there until it goes into Leo on August 16th.  Of the 27 constellations in the zodiac, Ashlesha and Ardra can stir up more emotional turmoil than many others so with two planets going into them this week, we have a bit of an emotional storm brewing and ,double trouble.  The Lunar eclipse on August 7th will also stir the emotional pot also and we will write about it over the weekend.

If you were born with your Sun in the this constellation (August 2-15), one has challenges with father and dealing with ones own mortality and weaknesses.  You may be a  visionary  but can be loner.  If you have not come on to the spiritual path, you could be caught up in difficult additive patterns.

The symbol for this intense nakshatra is the coiled serpent at the base of the spine, reflecting the potent kundalini energy that resides here. Ashlesha means the tangled one  and denotes the challenges of our addictions.  The main deities are the Nagas, the Serpent Kings. The shakti revealed here is the “power to inflict poisonous venom”. Great mystical talents and enlightenment can be experienced if the primordial energy of this lunar asterism is harnessed.

Serpents have two connotation being connected to poison and spirituality  When the constellation is operating strongly, it can bring deep mystical experience and spiritual inquiry and on the dark side it can lead to poisonous gossiping so watch you tongue as the planets transit through here as the Sun will follow (August 2-15) and Mars (August 6-25). It can tend toward gluttony and debauchery and drug use and addictive patterns.  The constellation may increase the desire for unquenchable sensual gratification so remember moderation in all things.

The Sun will be channeling Mercury’s energy from Leo which is a positive and Mercury will be moving into Venus’s constellation of Purva Phalguni (Delta and Theta Leonis, Leo 13.20-26.40) on August 3rd and this will help the transit but Venus is connected to Ardra starting today on August 1st (Betelguese, Gemini 6.40-20.00) where it will have problem. So there is a fascinating link between Sun/Mercury and Venus happening on the mental level where the constellation impacts most.  This may bring up a tangled web of self-esteem and self-deprecation so go easy on yourself. It can be supported by writing music or poetry or getting published so use the energy in a creative way and get out there.

Venus  transits on August 1st into the the constellation of Ardra which is located at Gemini 6.20-20.00 on August 1st and stays there until August 12th    Western astronomers connect it with the constellation of  Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion, and Sirius, the Dog star.

Ardra is one of the more difficult constellations in the zodiac that creates  clarity and emotional cleansing that occurs after the storms of the soul recede.  Venus is a bit unsettled here and connected to Rahu who is on the edge of Leo in transition as he gets ready to move into Cancer in late August.     Venus is  strong in her friend’s sign of Gemini and is friends with Rahu that helps.  Still  Ardra tends to stir the pot and may want to lead to relationship break-ups or confrontations and the tears may flow.

The primary symbols for Ardra are a human head, representing thinking, and a teardrop, which represents over-coming suffering.  It is an excellent rising nakshatra because it reflects brilliant mental abilities such as people like  Einstein.  Rudra, the lord of the storms,  will probably kick off hurricane  season with a bang also so listen to the radio more if you live in a hurricane area.

Ardra creates emotional storms of a short-duration if we get stuck in the past and its purpose is to shake us out of our rigidity and to change our life to create a better future. It has the Uranus quality.  The storms wash away the dirt and leave us clearer and brighter and shiner and so they have a positive purpose. It ultimately seeks to dismantle whatever level of Maya or illusion we are stuck in.  Ardra can scatter mental energies and and create confusion to the key will be to find the courage to tackle the challenges and come out the other end of the car wash–squeaky clean.

Libra rising and Taurus rising will be most impacted by Venus in Ardra but they are still good transits and will lead to storage of deep spiritual wisdom will result from any upheavals and Venus is not afflicted by any other malefic planet.  It is a quick ride only until August 12th.

So have use this time for deep spiritual transformation and building stronger relationships and you will have the strength to weather the storms.

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