Of the course of twenty five years, I have learned and experienced the power of the outer planets and would call myself a “neovedic” astrologer.  This  week we have Pluto aspects peaking with Jupiter squaring Pluto exactly on Friday, August 4th. So let’s understand Pluto a bit more. Pluto is about power, transformation, unconscious patterns and death of old patterns.

Dennis Harness, talking about Pluto notes:

“The discovery of Pluto in 1930 by astronomer Percival Lowell reflected the beginning of a new era of powerful dictators such as Hitler and Stalin and the exploration of nuclear energy leading to the development of the atomic bomb. Pluto themes of trans formative as well as destructive power would pervade the events of the 1930’s and the decades to come. At the time of this writing, the bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon occurred reflecting the challenging Pluto/Saturn opposition of 2001/2002. In mythology Pluto, the god of the underworld was also called Hades which means “invisible” or “to make invisible”. The origins of Vedic astrology credited to the great sage Maharishi Parasara occurred at least several thousand years before Pluto and the other outer planets were “visible” to astronomers.”

He goes onto say that Pluto is probably connected to Lord Yama:

“ In Hindu mythology, Yama is the god of death and agent of Lord Shiva. Yama means “the binder, restrainer” who keeps mankind in check. … He is a deity that demands sacrifice and discipline. He decides which actions of humans bear or do not bear fruit. Yama then judges the dead whom his messengers drag before his throne. His aide, Chitragupta catalogues the karma of all human beings and replays the major life events helping the soul realize its life’s work.” See: http://dennisharness.com/plutoneovedic.html

If you are Scorpio rising or Scorpio Sun, you might find the Pluto charge from Jupiter bring grace to get through deep transformational issues that have been going on since the first aspect hit in Nov 2016. In the last few days, I have been gifted with a lot of transformational healing and connections to change some big issues.  The energy is there now with the square to provide grace for personal transformation so go for it and those big issues now.

The current power struggle is in the White House as to who’s in charge.  Pluto’s influence brings about strong power struggles as we are experiencing now. Pluto rules over hidden agendas and often revenge and one has to wonder if the Hillary battles are over with the Wasserman scandal and her aide Anwar who was picked up before fleeing the country to Pakistan after destroying multiple hard-drives that were connected to Congressional democrats.   All the tension is a manifestation of this aspect.  It will take time to sort through the huge social issues involved.  The aspect continues through Sept. 11th until Jupiter goes into Libra but is most apparent with Jupiter within 2 degrees of Pluto until about August 25th.

What is happening?   The shadow of  who is in control, the President, Congress, the Attorney General or the sniping media?  The shadow is becoming conscious and luckily the Divine grace of Jupiter is there to help heal it—it is no longer repressed.  Do we learn to move peaceful through these issues and work together to solve them or do we utilize the dark and more destructive energy of Pluto to rage or does some major event get triggered by the August 21st solar eclipse and rioting move to the streets?

On a personal level, this aspect is creating ambition in your life to complete big unfinished projects and this influence will last a long time with the two degree orb intense until the middle of August.  Use the energy to make major transformations in your life with unfinished business.  The energy is there if you let it empower you.

The aspect is happening between the dual signs of Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Sagittarius.  It will affect career and relationships most strongly for the dual signs of Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. This aspect and bring up karmic issues involving relationship, family and business partners and money depending on what houses it is hitting for you between Virgo and Sagittarius. So if you are Gemini rising, the 4th and 7th house would be involved and it would bring up issues around real estate partnerships.   There can be power struggles and intensity but something good can happen.  Pisces and Virgo rising may have more issues around business partnerships arising where Gemini and Sag rising will have more issues around personal relationship based on the dual signs involved.

This square  is impacting the US which is Sagittarius rising at 5 degrees in the Sidereal zodiac and the aspect is  between the 10th house of presidency and the first house of national identity. With the longer term impact of this aspect, we will not see a resolution until Jupiter goes into Libra in Sept. 2017.   The tensions between the people and their president is quite intense and will not lift until after September when its possible that the Solar Eclipse will empower Trump to do something very bold and show his true leadership.  Trump was born during an eclipse and the eclipse will actually empower him.

The Jupiter/Pluto Square can create blockages and restrictions. You might feel this particularly from employers with the Sun/Saturn square  coming  into Sept. 12th   or it may come from the government if you are dealing with tax or legal issues or immigration issues.

If Pluto is connected to your 10th house for Pisces rising then you may particularly feel misuse of power by supervisors, problems with new managers, inflated egos in the workplace, setbacks at work, feeling stuck at work or moving forward in your career, or people taking advantage of you.  Anything that has been going on since last Nov. may finally get resolved as Jupiter passes into Libra on Sept. 11th.

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Transformational Counseling 1: Karmic Patterns






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A session brings deep changes from the inside out, so your life also changes. A session is NOT like traditional therapy which is primarily intellectual. It is NOT like having a “reading” or a healing “done to you.” You participate fully — and you know there is something real happening within you. It is guided by muscle testing – by your inner wisdom—rather than limited by problem-solving.

A session is for people who are ready to face what is inside them, who are ready to be more powerful than traumatic life experiences. It is not a one-time magic cure-all and yet, a single session can cause breakthroughs that ripple out over time and bring life-changing results. (1.5-2 hours)

Janet Swartz: The Empowerment Process via Skype
Janet describes, “Life is a mirror for our own growth. How we see the world outside of us, whether it is friendly, hostile, warm or cold, will determine our physical, mental and emotional responses to it. We cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can change our responses to past events. We can release the inappropriate resonances and stuck energy. This is the art of transformation.”

Addressing the needs and concerns of her clients gives Janet the opportunity to open to new levels of intuitive information. Her clients seek more spiritual guidance asking questions that relate to ancestral knowledge, inter-dimensional experience, experiences in consciousness, and past life understanding. The ability to directly connect to someone’s higher self and share the information opens so that she could help provide a greater understanding and perspective of their life’s experiences. Intuitive consultations are now a part of Janet’s services along with facilitating the Empowerment Process. (45-90 minute)

Transforming and Lifting Karmic Patterns with Daren Black
Daren Black, M.A., Ayurvedic Healer, Holistic Health Educator, Marma Shakti Therapy Practitioner, and Yoga Exponent has been working with herbs, oils, holistic health, bodywork and yoga for over 30 years. Encouraged, inspired and guided by His Holiness Sri Ravi Shankar, Daren has developed Practical Ayurveda™ to make Ayurveda more user-friendly.


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