The nodes are the edge of the zodiac getting ready to move into new signs.  Rahu will move into Cancer and Ketu into Capricorn on Sept. 9th using the true node system which I think is key for transits but in the mean node system it happens on August 17th. In both cases, the nodes are hanging on the edge at zero degress  of Aquarius and 0 degres  Leo.   Rahu is particularly more vulnerable as it is in gandanta (drowning zone).  It increases anxiety and the air element (vata) and has to be calmed with meditation, yoga and getting grounded.   Planets do not like to be on the edge of signs as they are not sure they are coming or going and are in transition between realms.   It brings out their darker qualities.  Given the constellations and planets involved, relationship issues can be a problem the next 2-3 months and overbearing use of power could also come up from feelings of insecurity.

Ketu is the most psychic of all the planets and when it is on the edge it can be out of balance in the spiritual world and be too sensitive to other people’s energies and the environment, so it will be important to stay grounded and in the body and do exercise and yoga to stay emotionally and psychically healthy.  Rahu out of balance may be too ambitious and may  bowl people over so tone down your drive the next few months or you will have a few enemies.

Rahu in gandanta (0-0.40 Leo) is connected to Aries (D-9)  where it is connected to protecting and will power and leadership and courage but there is a sense of insecurity in the early part of Leo and a movement into materialism where the journey through Magha backwards is ending as it gets ready to move into the more treacherous zone of Ashlesha (26.40-29.59 Cancer) where the troubled knot of deep problems  of the soul will seek to unravel the poisons of the material journey it has completed in Leo.  This is all happening near Trump’s ascendent and it seems a show of power against North Korea is inevitable with the insecurity that Rahu is experiencing here as it moves close to a trinal aspect with Saturn into Oct. 9th.  The solar eclipse on August 21st  will also be happening at about 5 degrees Leo also near Trump’s ascendent.  Will he make the right choices out of fear or be goaded into an unnecessary war?  The US natal chart of 1776 is also running Rahu/Rahu/Saturn so the fear and paranoia energy for the US is also up and the total US eclipse is happening over the US and his the first total eclipse going across the whole US since 1918.  We will write about the total solar eclipse due on August 21st later.

The last  total solar eclipse in the US of 1918 occurred on June 8, 1918 and World War 1 was still happening. It is not comparable because it happened in the US 6th house/12th house axis between Ketu/Moon in Taurus and Sun/Rahu in Scorpio. Still the North Node was in Gandanta at 29 Scorpio on the edge but in a water sign and not a fire sign as it is this time.  Still in 1918, within days after the eclipse, Grand Duke Michael of Russia was murdered and led to the Russian revolution in August 1918.  We think Trump’s chart is too strong to make a parallel because he was born during a lunar eclipse and is running a Jupiter period with a stationary Jupiter which will transit this month over his natal Jupiter in sidereal Virgo.   He was elected with his Jupiter return and we hope he will show good power and judgment with these eclipses.

The difference with this solar elcipse is that is connected to the 9th and 3rd houses of the US dealing more with more problems with  foreign relations and trade and communications  that suggests the current trade wars will escalate and not the houses of health as happened in 1918.

The lunar eclipse at 25 Capricorn is impacting the chart of Brazil where its North Node is and there is turmoil there already with the Presidential impeachment. It is also hitting the midheaven of India where new taxes laws are causing major events. It is also impacting Indonesia’s natal Mercury and Nigeria’s moon where it may have the most impact.  Watch for more news around those countries

We think that nodes on the edge bring out their darker qualities so Magha ( Westerners call it Regulus) afflicted by Rahu and the eclipse may create arrogance, demanding behavior, indignation, disrespect and cruelty.    I think Rahu at the end of the sign may bring out more deception, problems with pollution and toxins and it may promote marital disharmony and incline some individuals toward affairs.

Ketu is moving into the 1st pada of Dhanishta  (Aquarius 0-Aquarius 3.20)  which is is connected to music and mastery over the material plane. Its nature is very diverse as it can adapt to any situation it finds itself in.  This constellation is ruled by Mars and so Mars’s transits this 2nd half of the year will be key for impacting Ketu.   The influence is more complicated in the summer when Mars will be   in its sign of debilitation in Cancer (July 11-August 27th)  this will churn up more explosive violence and terrorism this summer.

So what does Ketu mean in this constellation? Ketu is connected to the past and past lives and this transit will incite reconnecting with past periods where the soul has done good service work and received good benefits.  Mars is weak and impacting the constellation of Dhanishta (Capricorn 23.20-Aquarius 6.40) and when it  is afflicted it can create multiple marriages or partnership, being too concerned with other people’s problems, desire to change residency and the affliction is there with Mars in Cancer until late August and Ketu transiting through it.  Ketu, connected to past lives, needs to let go of ego and do self-less service to do well with this transit.

So get ready to be in transition.  The energy may push you to change relationships, move, exert power and control, become more paranoid or become psychically vulnerable so stay grounded with yoga and meditation and exercise and wait to make important decisions about major changes until at least November when Saturn gets back into Sagittarius and the nodes are out of the last three degrees of their new signs. We will write more about the nodal changes later in the month as time permits.


Special thanks to my Jyotish Gurus and especially to Bill Levacy and  Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their insights into the nodes

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