On August 7, 2017, there is  a partial lunar eclipse which will occur on August 8 in parts of Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific Ocean. The lunar eclipse will be visible from most parts of Australia, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, extreme Eastern South America, the Pacific and Indian Ocean.   It begins at 10:48 am EST .  Exact lunar phase will occur at  13:20 EDT, and it will be over The less intense portion of the eclipse will extend from 15:52 to EDT.   The eclipse is hitting Capricorn 25 degrees exactly in the Sidereal zodiac and 15 degrees Aquarius in the tropical zodiac.

For Americans, the eclipse is  visible and will not have a great impact and it is not a big deal.  Based on World Country charts it appears Indonesia and India will be impacted by it more but check  

for the exact time in your area of the world.  As we have pointed out before, if you are Cancer or Leo rising and running a Moon/Rahu or Moon/Ketu period or if you have planets or our rising sign anywhere between 22 Capricorn to  2 Aquarius, it may impact you the most.   If you have moon in the 1st house you may particularly be impacted. Check with a professional astrologer if you need help on the impact of the eclipses on your life.

The total Solar eclipse is happening on August 21st and will impact the US greatly and we will write a separate article about it later as we move closer to the event.

The eclipses are happening in the month of Sharvana. The  Brihat Samhit suggests that when this happens the crops of the winter season get destroyed so we wonder if the South American crops in Brazil and Argentina and Australia will be impacted. It is thought that other parts of the world get good rains and food production is plenty and grain prices slump. It is also said that health concerns and disease can be  impact an area during the month of Kartika which is in late October in the Vedic calendar.  We have not historically studied or scientifically verified this.

It is thought that eclipses occurring on Mondays ( in this case both of them)  impact the prices of cotton, soybean oil and that silver will rise sharply 4 months later.  It is also thought that eclipses happening over moveable signs like Capricorn for the Lunar eclipse  disrupt national trade (already happening), the function of government (already happening) , incite political affairs of the country and cause changes in trade and in the economy (already happening with Chinese and Russian trade wars.)

Eclipses occurring in fixed signs like  Leo with the solar eclipse at 5 degrees Leo, cause setbacks for national finance and money matters which happen abruptly and when least expected. It can lead to floods, earthquakes, epidemics and explosions, deaths of politicians and famous people  and impact the economy.   Eclipses occurring in earth signs like Capricorn can cause future problems with rainfall and problems with agriculture in the future and at this point that may mean winter crops and also creates trade problems.   The day of an eclipse or even a few days afterwards do not have to produce dramatic falls in markets although with both of these eclipses happening during the trading day, it is more likely and probably more true of the solar eclipse.

For financial astrology, eclipses often create important turning points in trending markets so the US stock market is likely to start a correction after the eclipse but not necessarily a crash.  Lately the US stock market has been topping in August and falling into October anyway.  Sometimes there is a delay in a top with a Bradley turning point on August 9th for stocks and US stocks may hold up into August 15th.  Our work suggests a 10-15% decline.  At the moment, it looks like the market will fall into the solar eclipse and recover out of it into part of September and that October is more problematic month for markets with Venus in Virgo Oct. 9-Nov. 2nd.   We have seen very wild turns and movements around eclipse creating volatility.  Check our daily and monthly newsletters at

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On an emotional level, lunar eclipse feel a bit unnerving. Do not act on  any thoughts that come up during an eclipse as they are often fear-based and irrational.  Best to be in meditation and do sacred chanting and with this on a Monday, Shiva Rudram may be a particularly powerful experience. I always avoid doing anything important within 3 days before and after an eclipse. I tend to do laundry and clean the house to keep busy if I am not meditating and it is recommended to fast 2 hours before and 3 hours after as food is harder to digest and can lead to indigestion.

In the end, eclipses reveal deep secrets and bring out deep unconscious patterns that need to be healed and are a good thing and should not be feared.  Some people are actually empowered by eclipses but still it is thought not to watch them as they may manifest innate or hidden health problems that have the potential to emerge.  Still remember that fear is a big illusion. We are taken care of by the the Divine and sometimes a little emotional drama is needed to shake things up and move us out of our rut.

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