The North and South Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, which create eclipses, govern our desire nature in the material world and desire to leave the world and discover the Divine. In the mean node system, Rahu transits into Cancer on August 17th and Ketu into Capricorn and in the true node system on Sept. 9th. I prefer true nodes for transits but it is still a big transition and will have a huge impact until March 2019.

Rahu and the Moon are enemies as Rahu is friends with Mercury and exalted in Gemini and would rather work on the intellectual realm. In the sign of Cancer it will bring up phobias and fears and have more discomfort with feelings.   Cancer wants security and the safety of the home and Rahu will throw a wrench into the works by creating toxic problems there to force us to face our issues around safety and comfort.

The problem will be trying to rationalize your feelings rather than just experience them and this will be particularly true in the constellation of Ashlesha which will be present until April 29th in the true node transit.  Rahu in Cancer will create a strong drive for home, family life, maternal affection and will increase intuitive energies.  The transit will force a need for more nurturing and caring.  The first part of the transit is more afflicted until late October when Rahu gets out of the gandanta area (Cancer 27-30) and so watch out for toxins in the home. Good time to check for Radon, get a carbon monoxide detector, get a dehumidifier for mold or other household pollutants.  Prevent bug and rodent infestations which could rear up. That will be one way to stay on top of the transit. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape and inspected and that you are on top of maintenance.  If you have lung problems, now is the time to stay on top of them as moon/Cancer  is very connected to lungs and Rahu may create problems from toxins or pollution  so may be a good time to invest in an air purifier if you are having those kind of problems.

On a mundane level, later in the transit, more compassion for the homeless and immigrants is likely to manifest. Given the plight of migrants in the world this will be a good thing but not without its challenges given what has happened in Europe and countries like Sweden.  Rahu in Cancer will probably increase the problem and bring a  better solution by spring 2019 but a crisis around it will develop first.

Ketu wants to leave the world and discover the Divine and in the business sign of Capricorn, he is uncomfortable with Capricorn’s need to face reality and be in the material world and wants to reject discipline and hard work.  During Sept./October with the Saturn aspect tight within 3 degrees , there may be more ups and downs and work as one is unclear about whether to be in business or run off to a meditation retreat. Capricorn governs knees and joints and will be afflicted.  If you have knee problems, be careful and take care of your knees and due exercises to keep them healthy. This may also be true for the joints so stay limber with your yoga!

Both nodes are uncomfortable. Rahu, in the natural 4th sign of the zodiac of Cancer, wants happiness but fears the consequences of material happiness.  Ketu gets stuck in the material world of Capricorn and goes into self-denial and rejection.   The key to the next 1.5 year will be to not deny your  needs for love and happiness and find a way to meet your obligations on a spiritual level and not   deny the need for love.

Ketu in Capricorn may increase religious fundamentalism  but it may also force you into lessons of austerity and duty.  Ketu and Saturn are great enemies like Mars and Saturn although they both want to guide you toward your spiritual path. The key will be to go with deeper spirituality.  Saturn/Capricorn was a reality check in the material world and Ketu wants to run to the ashram and meditate or travel around the world wandering on spiritual pilgrimages in search of God.  Still facing the realities of living in the material world will continue to be forced upon one by Saturn.  The exact aspect of Saturn onto Ketu from Scorpio to Capricorn will emphasize this conflict into the exact aspect  in the true node system into Oct. 7-8th but the 3 degree of  influence will be felt much of September and October.

What houses this will impact will be key. We will come up with a general guide in Part 2 of our article.  Rahu does well transiting the 3, 6, 10 and 11th from itself so Libra, Virgo, Taurus and Aquarius moons, rising signs and sun signs may do better with this transit. Ketu does well in 3, 6 and 11th house transit so Scorpios, Leos and Pisces moon, rising signs and Sun signs will do best with this transit.

Special thanks to my Jyotish Gurus, Komilla Sutton and to Prash Trivedi and Bill Levacy for their insights into the nodes.

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