The Sun is the karaka or signifier for health and the eclipse can have an impact on health more than anything. If you have health problems, are Leo rising, or are running a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun period, then you have to be particularly  cautious not do things that you know are bad for you.  Exercise discipline over the coming days and weeks as the eclipse can have an impact for months.   Some people think that if you have health problems and you look at the eclipse, then they may be more likely to manifest.  Be practical and stay out of the fear.

The eclipse kills digestive fire and makes food difficult to digest and toxic.  Finish large meals 3 hours before the eclipse to allow ample digestion time.  Not a good day to cook food during the eclipse.  It is thought that negative energies impact the food and so eating out at restaurants that have cooked during the eclipse is not great.   Probably ok to start cooking an hour after the eclipse is over but if you can wait to eat at least 2 hours after the eclipse is over or 3 hours, that will be best.   Water fast is best during the eclipse.

We do not recommend watching the eclipse with special glasses even.  Listen to this guidance from an optometrist:

“We have to keep in mind that some people will encounter the inability to control every aspect of this exercise. For instance, true solar eclipse glasses are made for adults, do not fit children well and should not be used without direct parental supervision. If the solar glasses do not filter out 100% of the harmful UV rays, if they are not used absolutely perfectly, or should there be a manufacturing defect in any of them, this will result in permanent and irreversible vision loss for any eye exposed. Just like sunburn to the skin, the effects are not felt or noticed immediately. I have a great fear that I will have patients in my office on Tuesday, Aug 22 who woke up with hazy, blurry vision that I cannot fix. It is a huge risk to watch the eclipse even with the use of solar glasses. There is no absolutely safe way to do so other than on TV.”

Forget the spectacle of the whole thing. This is not a TV event like a great movie that you cannot miss for fear of not being able to talk to your friends.  They feel weird and they create weird thoughts so best to be in meditation. I find watching on TV is jarring to my soul also.

One great saint, Mohanji, recommends the following chanting:

 “Ideal is Ganesha and Guru mantras which works as sheath. One chant can be considered as 1000 chant during eclipse. The effect is 1000 times more. So, during the entire eclipse period, avoid food and water, light a lamp in front of idol or image of guru and Gods and chant continuously, concentrating on your heart center. It will fetch you 1000 times effect per chant.”  

So the secret of eclipses is that they are very powerful spiritually and can create great inner spiritual advancement.  Miss the Hollywood blockbuster movie hype and enjoy a deep rich spiritual day off and a chance to unite with the Divine.

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–Barry Rosen  8/18

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