With the eclipse coming on Monday  and Saturn starting to slow down and go direct into August 25th, fear is mounting in the world and in conversations with people.   People are very much on edge about racial tensions, Russia, the economy, the state of our government.   There is a lot of fear up because 10 days before Saturn goes direct on August 25 , fear and intensity increase.   The solar eclipse can bring up intense fear also as the optimism of the Sun gets eaten up by the demon Rahu which becomes a metaphor for allowing the darkness to temporarily destroy the Divine light and plunge us into fear?   It is all illusion. At most the Sun will disappear for 4.30 minutes in Carbondale, IL and then reappear. The light of Divinity cannot be snuffed out for very long but our minds can get trapped in fear for days.  Remember Y2K when everyone thought the world would end in 2000 or the Mayan calendar ending in 2012?    For some reason, the mind  likes to cling to fear.  Yes, be safe, but 99% of the things you fear, never happen.   Fear is like taking a 100 pound suitcase on a trip because you are afraid you will need this and that when you need a 10 pound carry on bag!

Depsite the terrorist and psychopaths in the media brewing up fear,   God is still running the show.  Do we want to spoil our belief in the innate beauty of deeper family connections and love and forget who we really are or get mired in the media’s story that the world is a terrible place?

Stay away from the drama of politics.  Why pour so much hate and attention at the President and his cabinet?     The wise yogis remind us that when you point 2 fingers at someone, 3 fingers point back at us.  Which means when you talk ill of others and project negativity toward others, it comes back to you even more strongly. The other person does not feel any of it. In fact it fills your own mind with hate and robs your love.   That is why it is thought not to speak ill of others because you take away their darkness and it goes to you.   The wise saints are always neutral about bad people.

I remember how clear this was for me when I watched the film Fahrenheit 9/11  by Moore.  While a brilliant film, I came out with nausea as I had put my attention on all the bad qualities of George Bush for two hours.  One of my Gurus used to say, that what you see, you become.  Watch a horror movie for 2 hours and you will become intense fear.   So why waste your time watching these people?  Yes we want a better country but go out into your community and help troubled people directly rather than  spend your time angry at selfish politicians who will never lift a finger to help others while being paid by their corporate lackeys.  We are so naive to think that our politicians will serve the people and if you get rid of one, they will get replaced by another corrupt one.  By 2019/20, I do think that the people will rise up against corruption but we are still too mesmerized by our cell phones and streaming TV shows to use our energy to go out and make a difference with community service.  At least donate to organizations that do make a difference.  We are here on this planet to discover deeper and more spiritual truths and become enlightened and awakened human beings not to become paralyzed in fear and confusion by a media that is owned by corporate obligarchy that  wants to control your mind or to become addicted to the feeds on our cell phone.



Don’t let the media fool you. The world is a wonderful place. There are good people doing good things to help humanity everyday.  Do not buy into the dread and confusion.  The mind tends to  amplify  the few bad things that happening in our world and make them seem like they are 100 times worse  than they are.

Take this precious summer  time to hug a loved one, enjoy a wonderful cooked dish and see  beyond the doom and gloom. Yes, we have problems ahead but God has a plan, bigger and brighter than we can imagine.   I leave you with a wonderful quote from one of my favorite books, Emmanuel’s Book: A Guide to Living in the Cosmos.

Fear of the unknown is forgetfulness.

There is no such thing

as the “unknown”

to the soul.

There is a natural fear and resistance

when one does not recall

one’s own Divinity.

You are safe. You are safe.

You are infinitely safe.

Oh, my dears,

if I could only make it possible

for you to experience the loving, gentle kindness

of the universe,

the balance, the fairness,

the sweetness and the joy.

there would never be another moment of fear

in your entire lives

And that is true. 

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