Mercury finally moved out of retrograde this morning and is back in forward motion so we can get on with our communications and planning and move forward.  The problem is that Mercury will stay very close to Mars until at least Sept. 21st and that creates fighting and disputes and we have to be alert around accidents and watch out for the other guy while driving.  The other difficult aspect will be the square from Saturn (270 degrees) will not happen until Sept 27th.

If you were born with Mercury in Leo, you are bright-minded, have good memory, are inspiring speaker or writer, are confident and are a good planner and organizer, may be well-know in business, are ambitious, travel frequently and have a keep intellect.

The first part of the transit is through Magha (Leo 0-13.20) until Sept. 16th  which is know as Regulus by Western astrology and is owned by Ketu.  Mercury in Ketu’s constellation can create a strong vision but the ambitious nature of Leo/Magha may force them to cut corners or rush through projects and be a bit impulsive. Slow down and do not be too hasty with big projects.  Ketu is mystical and intuitive so be sure to seek divine guidance within  to get the answers to difficult decisions.

The second part of the transit is in the constellation of Purva phalguni (Leo 13.20-26.40) Sept. 17-24th . This will connect Mercury to Venus who will be transiting through Mercury’s sign of Gemini in August and set up a nice symbotic relationship supporting artistic writing and sweet speech. It is a highly sexually charged constellation and Mercury, the prince, likes to play in the bed in this constellation symbolized by the front legs of a bed.  This constellation is considered fierce and is not considered a good time for major new events unless your are scheming. It does support construction but stay on top of accidents and health.

Mercury will be  combust in the sign of Leo Sept 21st and this will continue in the sign of Virgo and also into Libra into October 31st  and this actually has a spiritualizing impact on Mercury as the material and rajasic desires of Mercury for money and success in business are turning to the Divine so a good time to take a meditation retreat. Still when Mercury is too close to the Sun Oct. 4-12th  on either side, it can create money mismanagement, being too complicated and having a busy/buzzy mind that will not stop to rest and gets too detailed or complicated.

Mercury transits from the moon or the ascendent are best in the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11th positions so if you have your moon or rising sign of  Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus or Cancer, this transit will be beneficial for you.  For Gemini and Virgo rising, ruled by Mercury it is more difficult with Geminis particularly needing to curb their sexual dalliances and Virgos being inclined to foreign travel, meditation retreats or deep inward and psychological introspection.

Mercury governs plant life and gardening so take time to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty and greenery of nature, Mercury’s color.   Good month for writing poetry or songs or creative writing, for a meditation retreat during the retrograde period.   Still another 3 weeks of Mercury in Virgo until Sept. 26th and then we get to enjoy the Mercury exaltation in Virgo into Oct. 13th.

Have a great day!

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