Jupiter is the big dog in the sky that everyone loves and it is very powerful now but its energy is changing on Thursday as it moves into the end of the sign which Western astrologers like to call Void of course and Vedic astrologers like to call Rashi Sandhi.   It moves into Libra on Sept. 11th but between Sept. 7-Sept. 15th it is in the dead zone. When it is at the last degree of a sign it is a bit unsettled–like a person changing jobs, moving or changing relationships.     It still may feel that the issues may be ending as you begin something new in your life.

Still, Jupiter is at the 29th degree where it can be a bit unsettled.  My friend Juliana Swanson of astral harmony has noted the significance of the 29th degree: “The 29th degree in astrology is often called the critical, karmic or fated degree. In western terms it is anaretic which means “that which destroys form,” and is often associated with some sense of not being able to see one’s way forward. It is at the end of the sign which can mean that certain of the associated planetary qualities are feeling used up, frustrated or at the end of their rope.  It can also seem like moving toward a new possibility with some relief.”

She also reminded last night that Jupiter has special grace as it transits into a new sign 12 days before and after. My own teacher, Komilla Sutton has written about this:

“The 12 days before Jupiter leaves a sign and the 12 days after it enters a new sign are, according to Vedic tradition, a time of purification and prayer, potentially a time of tremendous inner and outer change and spiritual empowerment. This is related to the myth of Brihaspati and Pushkara: http://www.komilla.com/lib-pushkara-part-one.html

Brihaspati [Jupiter] stays in one rashi [sign] for a year and takes 12 years to complete one cycle of the zodiac. When Brihaspati comes into a rashi [sidereal sign], then the Pushkara [nourishing spiritual energy] would be with him in the first 12 days (Aadi Pushkara) and the last 12 days (Antya Pushkara) as Brihaspati exits the rashi. When people bathe in a holy river at the time of Pushkaram, they take the blessings of Jupiter into the next twelve-year cycle of Brihaspati.

So look for the blessings of Jupiter this month.  There is a lot of change going on with the nodes changing signs, Jupiter changing and the world is rather unsettled with hurricanes and nuclear threats.  Trust in the Grace of the Divine.  It is always working overtime.  Sometimes things have to get reshuffled to create something better. The Architect raises a building and there is a pile of rubble but he always has a vision of the new structure that will come. Trust in the Divine architect and his plan.

Jupiter is connected to the liver which has over 700 major functions in the body and can be slowed by this weak  transit particularly if you have this combination in your natal chart or have a tendency toward liver problems. Make sure to drink warm water with a fresh squeezed lemon every morning which is the best way to keep your liver toned up. May be a good few weeks for a liver cleanse if you can handle it. Avoid taxing your liver by overeating or eating very complicated fatty foods. Jupiter also has connections to the pancreas so will be important not to eat too many sweets or over-indulge and weak Saturn continues to push us toward relief and our food cravings may get out of hand.

The spinal twist is a key posture for the next 5 months as it supports the liver and you may need to do the cow pose which also strengthens the liver.  (see below). Of course make sure you get proper training from these poses from a qualified yoga instructor and do not strain.

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