Our hearts go out to the troubled people of Florida, the Caribbean, Texas and Mexico, Bangladesh, Northern India  as there have been too many natural disasters in too short a period of time.  I do not think the Apocalypse is upon us. As I mentioned yesterday, natural disaster are an opportunity for those of us not impacted to help those who are.  Our humanity rises up when are compassion swells to new levels to reach out when we might not normally do so. This is a time to donate to your favorite charities, reach out those you love in troubled areas and if you are young and capable to volunteer and get trained to do relief work.

Many of my colleagues have discussed how an Eclipse going over a region can trigger problems in that area for 6 months until the next solar eclipse into Feb. 15th.   Sometimes the impact can be longer as Rahu is transiting the the US 8th house of Cancer until March 2019.  Luckily Saturn is leaving the US 12th house on Oct. 26th and goes into the US 1st house of Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years.  This kind of Sade Sat in the final throes of the 12th house brings a lot of tearing down because new structures need to be recreated.  The good news about Saturn in the 1st house transits is that it is about restructuring and figuring out what to do next and the US needs a lot of help and thought in that area.

The US continues to live outside of its means with a 20 trillion dollar plus debt ceiling.  Given all the turmoil, kicking the debt ceiling til Dec. 9th is probably a good thing given we have so many other things to deal with.  The zoning laws of Houston need to be reevaluated as so much land should never have been built on a flood plane.   I am not sure why Florida needs to go through so much turmoil but I suspect Saturn moving from Jyestha in Scorpio (the final stages of material aggrandizement) into Moola in Sagittarius (Sagittarius 0-13.20) for much of 2018 is about seeking more spiritual awakening  when basic security needs for home and material comfort are torn apart.  Perhaps people who have not come to spirituality in Florida will be moved to seek something deeper now and those who are spiritual teachers  can go to Florida to help all of those poor people who will have levels of PTSD and trauma that a red cross blank and shelter will not be able to support.  Like post 9/11, American can come together to help each other and uplift those in trouble and Jupiter moving into Libra, Sept. 11th will provide some comfort and new relationship outreach.

Still, Sept and October are not easy months for the world.  Are there some of rays of hope and sunshine coming?  I think after the fall equinox we will get about a 3 week reprieve.  I think that Mercury moving into Virgo Sept. 26-Oct. 11th  will help as Virgo rising individuals will get some relief  after  a lot of 12th house trauma to deal with as we have written about previously.  I also think Sun in Virgo Sept. 16-Oct. 17 will be helpful and Venus will get out of the emotional turmoil of Ashlesha nakshatra (Cancer 16.40-29.59) on Sept 15  and move into Leo Sept. 15-Oct. 9th.

Very short-term, Saturn squaring the Sun into Sept. 13th will raise personal tension and conflict with government and Mercury again conjunct Mars into Sept. 16th will increase fighting and disputes and will continue to create a lot of edginess the next week.   Mars finally gets far enough away from the Sun also so that its official combustion is over by Sept. 16th

Saturn is still in the gandanta area where problems seem unsolvable and deep emotional turmoil and churning is happen and this will still be the case until Thanksgiving and in fact the emotional impact will seem greater Oct. 17-26th in the final stages if Scorpio and then into the early degrees of Sagittarius into Nov. 3rd.  Luckily this is a month away and I think we will get a little rest Sept. 20-Oct. 6th. Still as we wrote the on Friday, Saturn in the final 3 degrees of Scorpio is rather intense.

Still some larger forces are still tense and at work and will create tense noise in the background.  Rahu is   trining  Saturn  in the true node system exactly into Oct. 9th and this increases fear and anxiety and the three degree radius and impact is there between Sept. 9 and Oct. 26 so you will have to do your yoga, meditation and drinking calming herbal teas and not run around like a crazy person.  We will write more about this later in the week.  Saturn is also having an exact 60 degree aspect to Ketu  from  Scorpio to Capricorn in this same window and that creates tension between being in the material world and wanting to run away to the ashram. It will also beckon us to want to clean up our past messes from the past. We have written about this before also and will write more later.

Looking into October we seem the most challenged with Saturn /Mars in mutual square exactly into Oct. 11th and having a 5 degree impact from Oct. 3-19th and this will create indecision, frustration, tension the first few weeks of October.   Venus moves into debilitation Oct. 9-Nov. 2nd where business expansion stops and relationships are challenged if we are too critical and picky.  Sun moves into Libra Oct. 17-Nov. 16th and this is always a challenge for self-esteem, confidence and moving forward.

So bottomline:  The next few weeks are still pretty tense but we will get a bit of a break Sept. 26-October 8th but it may really be that things will pick up after Nov. 6th when the Sun moves into Vishaka (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) which is owned by Jupiter and Saturn gets out of the worst part of the gandanta after Nov. 3rd.

We will write more about each one of these events in detail but use the difficult time periods to get out of your personal problems and help others.  Ultimately all of this change is awake up call for America to unite and move out of selfish material concerns and remember we have to take care of everyone and it is everyone’s duty to do their part.   Give generous this weekend to your favorite charities and make a difference.  Transfer your own Divine Spark to help others in need.  We all have to be here for each other!


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