Saturn at the end of Scorpio in the gandanta/drowning area is stirring up a lot of intense fear and suffering and it said that Saturn does its most damage in the final 10 degrees of a sign and certain is stirring up a hornet’s nest with Hurricanes, pending volcanoes, earth quakes, wild fires and prophecies around the end of the world.  Saturn will not give us much relief until after Thanksgiving when it gets beyond the first 3 degrees of Sagittarius but is particularly difficult 29.20-0.40 where it will be Oct. 19-Nov 2nd.  Rahu in the gandanta area of Cancer is also rather problematic. As my friend Muhammad Imram points out,

“Ashlesha gandanta is more poisonous gandanta for its rulership of “nagas” (serpents). And it negatively affects mother in natal chart, and mother-earth in mundane chart (e.g. water pollution, drying out lakes/rivers, over-pumping, dam construction, oil/gas fields drilling, oil spill, chemical leakages etc). The Cancer rasi is said to be Jala (watery), and Capricorn stands for earthy but marshy land. We can deduce alarming water related news. In fact, the cycle, hurricane, and torrential rains occur in USA, Caribbeans, and China during Rahu’s reverse ingress in the sign of Cancer and then in Pisces Navmasha. Expect more major problems like we had in Houston with chemical plants from floods and probably some oil leak will rear its ugly head.”

Saturn forces us to be more real with everything in our life and particular, finances, as it prepares to leave the material constellation of Jyestha. Now is the time to talk to a financial planner and get your retirement situation in order so that you feel more secure.  Be aware that these underlying feelings of dread about financial implosions are just a wake-up call to get you to look at your budget, income and savings plans so that you have a strong infrastructure behind you to support your spiritual growth. And yes the world is going through the same thing as Central Bankers have created huge debts for the world, inflated the stock market and not created real economic development and throw smoke and mirrors statistics at us to make us think that everything is great.

Saturn governs the base chakra and often spiritual folks work more on their upper chakras through meditation but if their root chakra is not developed and Saturn is weak in their chart, their financial planning and infrastructure and connection to the earth is a bit out of balance.  This can create a lot of instability and fear. Its like a pyramid. If the base of the pyramid is strongly  supported, the energies can move higher to the peak.  If we have a solid bank account and savings plans then we have the freedom to pursue our spiritual development and not be thrown off balance.  If the pyramid is inverted and there is low energy at the base and all the energy is very strong at the top, then there is no stability to support all the spiritual growth.  The current transits are challenging our systems.

Capricorn, the main home for Saturn, requires security and safety to move forward.  As it goes into transitional zone this year changing signs and staying in the weaker and more vulnerable areas of the zodiac, its security and safety issues are up. Capricorn rising in particular, with a 12th house transit from its home, may feel insecure.  China, which is a Capricorn rising country is likely to go through huge changes the next few years with this transit and their growth and debt structuring scheme has been a mess on many levels and Trump wanting to pull out support.    The call to return jobs to the US makes sense but China will not be happy to have its dragon fires stirred up and I suspect that our relationship with China will be the biggest challenge as Saturn moves into Sagittarius and is 12 house from Capricorn.

End of PART 1;  PART 2 BELOW


So its fall, and the squirrel start gathering nuts to get through the winter. Indigenous people used to store food in the ground and preserve it to get through the winter.  For us, its time to get our finances in order.  Still time to enroll in our Vedic Astrology and Money Class and Remedies.   You can make a missed tape on Video and Class 2 is on Sunday.

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We are also moving toward a Mars/Saturn mutual square between Leo and Scorpio which peaks into Oct. 11th but will be felt on Tuesdays and Saturdays.   Saturn is also aspecting Ketu and the exact true node aspect is into Oct. 9th and we have written about this before and this is stirring the pot.

Saturn in the final degrees of Scorpio requires us to look deeply at unconscious fear and  dread and requires looking deeply into those fears and realizing that most of the time, that which we fear does not happen. 99% of the time, the things we fear do not manifest and it is the surprises that get us.  Remember that with Saturn in transition, that fear is all in the mind.  We are getting a lot of end of the world prophecies and this is just Saturn doing its thing.  Even if it were true, can we do anything about it other than meditate, create inner peace and spread it throughout the world?

Do more meditation and yoga and breath work to transform the energy. The chair pose in yoga, grounds us to the earth chakra as does the Mountain pose so that we feel our feet grasping the earth and this creates more security in our life.  Use the fear as a wake up call to handle your finances, get into your body and take care of your health.  . Look up the magicians “fear sleeve” and expose him for the fraud that he is. You are infinitely safe in this universe. (If you want to connect astrology to hatha yoga and chakra analysis, see our workshop at:


Afflicted Saturn requires us to go more slowly, to not rush around like a rabbit and not to do too much; otherwise, our anxiety level increases and we are more likely to get sick from hypertension or anxiety-related illness.  With fall coming in the Northern Hemipshere, the vata or air element increases.  Drink more hot water and calming herbal teas, slow down, do slower exercise, get oil massages and eat more hot meals and you can keep this aspect at bay.

If you are running a Saturn period or are ruled by Capricorn or Aquarius or are Scorpio or Sagittarius rising, you may feel the impact more over the coming year.  It can get handled. The planets are your friends if you heed their advice and do your work.

The world will not end you will not die in an apocalyptic ball of flame.  Yes there are people doing stupid things like the leader of North Korea and the hurricane damage is very real. Continue to pour your heart out to those suffering, so service work, raise money, donate but do not feel that installing a bomb shelter or bunker will be the answer to Saturn’s fear.  And this is a troubled week with Pluto Station on Thursday, Sept 28th and Mars opposing Neptune on Sept. 24th and we will write about these later.  So take it easy and slow down and calm the fears of Saturn.




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