The 6th house is a house of enemies, disease, litigation, digestive power and everyday work. In the 5th, we  learned how to express our feelings and concepts to others.  In the 6th, we have to work with, and even defeat others and  their responses to us.   The 6th house is house of karmic difficulties that express themselves through enemies, debts, struggles and challenges to serving others in life. It represents the drudgery of going to work everyday and having the discipline to do it.  The key to the  6th house is the ability to overcome our obstacles and having the courage fight and overcome them.  Of the three most challenging houses the 6th, 8th,and 12th, the 6th house is the easiest  difficult to deal with if we are disciplined and can overcome our habits and vices.

Psychologically and emotionally, the challenges of the 6th house teach us to:

  • Accepting with endurance, patience and having a stoic attitude.
  • Having the discipline to go to work daily
  • Discipline to do regular exercise ad eat in moderation with diet.
  • Health issues here can be overcome if do regular diet and exercise and learn to control our cravings.

Most astrologers talk about the 6th house in terms of health. If you rising sign and its owner are stronger and your Sun and Mars are strong, you have more ability to deal with the challenges to this house.   The ruler of the 6th house will be the carrier of disease in your body.  So if the 6th house is Aries and owned by Mars then you may be subject to more Martian health problems which are more fire orientated and may create problems with blood and adrenals etc.  If a strong benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus is unaffflicted in the 6th house, it will support our health but if afflicted, it may create health issues related to that planet. Hence if a weak Jupiter is connected to the 6th, it may cause allergies and liver aliments and if a weak Venus is in the 6th house, it may create reproductive problems or problems with STD’s.

Afflicted planets or weak planets conjunct the 6th house ruler or in the 6th house  could  create health issues as follows:

  • Sun: heat allergies, blood pressure, heart problems
  • Moon: Diabetes, mental problems, stomach disorders.
  • Mars: Fevers, muscular problems, skin break-outs, hernia, piles
  • Mercury: Nervous problems, asthma, bronchitis, pains in arms
  • Jupiter: Liver, feet, lymphatic, diabetes
  • Saturn: Anxiety, strokes, long-term problems.
  • Rahu: Fear, poisoning, phobias
  • Ketu: Itching problems; mental illness; difficult to diagnose health problems.

In the end, the secret of the 6th house is discipline. Are the planets strong enough in their connection to the 6th house to allow us to do our exercise regularly, eat properly, do our yoga regularly and not eat that extra piece of cheese cake at the party.  If we can find the courage to be disciplined, then the challenges of the 6th house can be overcome. If we get diagnosed with health issues connected to the 6th house, we can get through them if we do what our doctor says and get regular exercise and be disciplined about diet. If we have weak planets afflicted the 6th house, then we may be lazy, self-indulgent and the problems will continue.

The 6th house is the sign of enemies where we meet people who challenge us and even become hostile, perpetually challenging and defying our sense of “I.”   In modern times, our enemies usually turn up as bosses or co-workers who snipe at us or try to bring us down.    Malefic planets here will still have problems but they will have the ability to defeat their enemies.   If we have malefics in the 6th like Mars or Saturn or Rahu, we have the fierceness to rise up and fight our challenges and defeat them but if we have benefics in the 6th house like Venus and Jupiter, we may be to nice and let them have their way as we become an accommodating person that does not like to make waves.   On the highest level, the lessons of the 6th house teach us how to defend ourselves.  Sometimes litigation will arise so that we learn how to fight for our rights and what is due to us.

Examine the 6th house for your attitude and discipline about going to work regularly and working hard to achieve our goals. If we have a debilitated Saturn connected to the 6th house, we might be lazy at work or be suffering from having to hard labor and we may  not want to get up and go to work at all.  We may have problems with co-workers or tenants.  If we have a strong Mars in the 6th like in Aries, we may rise to the top of our field and defeat those we compete with at work, overcome illness and be liked by our co-workers.

The 6th house is a house of Self-improvement and service  and we have a lot of well-off planets in the 6th house,  we will be motivated to take seminars and continually grow to become a better person, to excel at work and to grow in our field. Hence if you have a weak 6th house or 6th house owner, then you need to work on yourself, take those seminars, grow and not be lazy as the 6th house always benefits from hard work and discipline.

The 6th house also is connected to our digestive power and appetite which also becomes an extension of our drive to become better and reach the top.  Malefics here like the Sun and Mars will create a lot of fire in the belly to digest well and move forward in life.  Serious afflictions to the 6th house like a debilitated Sun may create a weak stomach with a low appetite and hence a low drive to move forward in your life due to lack of confidence. The planets always have multiple levels of meaning and metaphor so health problems in the 6th house will be connected to issues around our level of development and having learned the lessons of being stoic and doing regular work and being disciplined around our health.

So be grateful for the lessons of the 6th house. They force us to stand up and fight and to be disciplined and if we do, we can mastery our territory, excel at work, be health and overcome our problems. It always takes reaching back for the positive side of Mars, courage and the strong side of Saturn, discipline to persevere and they are often the remedies.  When you master 6th house, you are ready to move onto the 7th house we are  locate and position ourselves in relation to others and learn compromise  and by then we have developed a keen understanding of ourselves.

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