Rahu is casting a 5th house, 120 degree aspect from Cancer to Scorpio  exactly today in the mean node system and on Oct. 8th in the true node system.  The influence is there until late October within 3 degrees in the true node system and until Saturn goes into Sagittarius on Oct.  26 .  Both are in the intense emotional drowning areas at the end of water signs where problems seem overwhelming and in a knot and difficult to unravel.   I am hearing of people having anxiety attacks and being very stressed out. The imbalanced solar and lunar energies caused by the Kala Sarpa Yoga through Oct. 1st are not helping matters.

It is thought that Rahu  trinal aspects can create wrong desires or wanting to express wrong secrets in our heart and can express past wrongs that we have done in the past. It can lead to scheming and cheating and manipulation. Watch out for ponzi schemes that promise you the rainbow.  On the positive side it can create intense creativity and innovation.

Saturn and Rahu are both in Mercury’s  constellations and channeling its energy and Mercury will at least go into Virgo on Sept. 26th-Oct. 12th where it is exalted and that should help the situation and Saturn and Rahu are friends with Mercury and deep intellectual insight and practical wisdom, healing and service  can help overcome some of the issues.  Mercury is officially combust and moving closer to the Sun where its energies are spiritualized.

On the positive side there is an  overall good energy to do great things and too overwork as Saturn/Rahu has that workaholic quality but the cost of that is to wear us down if we get too reckless and out of balance and Saturn in Pisces  in D-9 will seek deep spiritual experience as a refuse from anxiety so maybe taking a meditation or spiritual retreat is one solution.  So as Simon and Garfunkle remind us, “Slow down, you are moving, too fast. You have to make the morning last.”   There is positive energy to plow through difficult tasks but not without a huge toll on the physiology.  For people ruled by Cancer or running a  Saturn or Rahu or Ketu period,  this aspect  may create a great deal of intensity now caring for the sick, weak, negative people or people that are in morning and it may bring up deep and anguished feelings and anger and frustration that spews forth.  People in Rahu/Saturn or Saturn/ Rahu periods may feel the impact most.

If you have Saturn in late Scorpio  in your natal chart or planet in late Cancer at 25-29.59, this transit is particularly fraught with more anxiety.  Rahu aspecting Saturn creates a unappreciated good efforts so praise yourself as others may not take the time to do so.

Rahu/Saturn stirs up anxiety and unconscious fear and the  world seems to be changing too quickly and what was secure yesterday is not true today.  The key will adapting  to all the change and trusting that the Divine has a bigger plan for you.  Rahu wants to achieve great things and Saturn at the end of Scorpio is revaluating its material existence that may be a bit ravaged and that is certainly true for all the poor hurricane and flood and fire victims.  Rahu/Saturn aspects are very intense and fraught with fear and if you run around like a rabbit, your balance and stability turns into a jumble. This influence of Rahu aspecting Saturn  will continue into late October when it is exact  so master it early or  be swallowed up.  Daily meditation and yoga will calm it down and soothing herbal teas and less running around like a rabbit is essential.

So slow down.  Make sure you stay balanced to avoid getting sick from running around and trying to do too much. Be more patient with setbacks and flaws so that it does not explode on a loved one.

All thanks to my Gurus and Jyotish Gurus for their knowledge and keeping me centered.  Go forth and conquer but remember to be kind and clean up your messes in the process!

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