Many people I talked to the past week had an unbelievably difficult week.  Things will improve this week as on Sunday, we break out of the 2 week Kala Sarpa Yoga in transit where all the planets have been hemmed in between Rahu  (north node) in Leo and Ketu (south node)  in Capricorn .  As the moon goes into Aquarius on Sunday night, it will break free.  On a transiting level, there has been a strong imbalance of solar and lunar energies and my sense has been that that solar energies of power and force and action have been dominating over-activating people’s solar plexus’s and creating more force and power and anger and tension.  We finally get a break from that energy until Oct. 14th when it is triggered again. Mars conjunct Venus in Leo this week will not totally free now the Mars trine to Pluto.

Mars is trining Pluto on Oct. 1st with this energy most felt on Sunday and Monday. One might normally pay attention to Mars/Pluto trines  (50% in Vedic astrology) but it does mean there is a conjunction in the D-9 chart.  This energy can create a strong stimulus for ambition but can be marked by violence and disruptive energy and can lead to ruthless bursts in order to take control and power.  Given world tensions and violence in area like Myanmar (Burma) and the potential for police clashes in Catalan in Spain, this energy is not welcome the next few day.  If you are lucky, you can channel the energy for creative use of power but you have to watch out for ego play.  There is a lot of energy to work long and hard to accomplish your goals if you focus and the stationary Pluto since Thursday is supporting your solar plexus and the ability to exert your power so use it in a positive manner.

Moon goes into Pisces on Wednesday and moves toward a full harvest moon into Thursday bringing the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkoth.   Pisces moon will bring some peace and optimism and joy finally after a difficult recent week.

The big event to the week is the Venus/Mars planetary war and conjunction on Oct 5th.  Venus wins the war which goes through Oct. 6th making it more difficult for Aries and Scorpio rising but no one wins a planetary war.  Venus/Mars conjunctions are marred by intense relationship fighting and at best great sexual passion.   Taurus and Libra rising have to be careful of accidents and fires and injuries Capricorn and Aries and Libra and Cancer have to be careful around their vehicle as Venus is the signifier for vehicles and Mars for accidents and their conjunction can be a problem.  Be alert.  This transit is only going to manifest a problem if you are running a Mars/Venus or Venus/Mars period and if you have a difficult planetary signature and conjunction in your natal chart. Your alertness and awareness can be proactive to prevent problems.

If you get angry in the car, pullover and just wait to fight in your relationship while you are not driving.  The positive side of this aspect is that it can create a lot of creative energy which needs to be expressed through music or dance to release its power.  Sexual energies will be aroused so be sure to channel them in a loving way or if you have no partner, you will need to release them artistically or they may seem overwhelming. Stay away form unhealthy releases  here as that never ends well.  Exercise and dance are a good to release sexual tensions.

Finally Sunday, Oct. 9th, the Sun moves toward conjunction with Mercury.  The combustion which occurs within 14 degrees of the Sun continues until Oct. 31st and has a spiritualizing influence for Virgos and Pisces but since Mercury governs the intellect and impacts the mind, when the Sun is too close, Oct 7-11th, it can create a very busy/buzzy mind and sense of frantic and frenetic tensions.  Slow down, do your yoga and meditation to calm the mind. The shoulder stand helps as does the cobra when Mercury is afflicted.

Finally on Oct. 9th, Saturn is squaring Venus and this will probably be felt most on Friday, Oct. 6th which is the day ruled by Venus.  This is a time of tension in relationships and they can often cool down or lead to break-ups with the transit or you may suddenly lose interest or feel that relationships are not worth the bother because they are too much work.   Loneliness can be a problem and the key here will be to express your truth, which Saturn always seeks, and see if you can make the relationship go deeper and if you cannot resolve it, you may want to be let go.  Creativity in the arts may be at a low point here also.

So this week is a bit less intense but we are still not out of the woods.  The difficult transit barometer is still strong until Thanksgiving with Saturn and the end of Scorpio in the stinger’s tail, where difficult knotted problems are hard to unravel but they will get solved so keep working on them.  Have a great week!

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