Its been a very intense month on the planet between hurricanes and saber-rattling with North Korea.   Having Saturn and Rahu aspecting each other in the gandanta area (Cancer 27-30 to Scorpio 27-30) has created very complex problems and world disasters as Saturn tends to show its results at the end of a sign as it leaves.   Some of it may seem to let up a bit Oct. 2-8th  but much of October is still intense until Nov. 3rd and 4th.   In fact parts of October between Oct 14-31st seem more intense than September and if we are going to get a stock market correction, we think it will come in October.

Firstly, a deflation cycle, Venus in Virgo,  hits between Oct. 10-Nov. 3rd and usually the stock market does not like this cycle and it usually negatively impacts silver and crude oil and gold and grains.   Chances are any rallies into the week of Oct 6th will be chances to be short but see our daily newsletter for updates. (Get a trial at www.commoditytimers.com 

A larger cycle that we do not see very often is peaking into Oct. 9th and is prominent until Oct. 26th which involves Saturn aspecting Ketu at a sixty-degree angle.   The last time we saw this cycle it was beween Sagittarrius and Aquarius  between  July-Nov. 1960 when it lead to the Kennedy election and there was a lot of civil unrest going on around Afro-American rights. Wikipedia notes that we  also had more of the Cuban revolution with Castro nationalizing American interests in Cuba and Belgium threatening to leave the United Nations.  Also during that time, Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev pounded his shoe on a table at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, his way of protesting the discussion of the Soviet Union’s policies toward Eastern Europe.  Today we have a lot of saber-rattling with North Korea creating anxiety, NFL players protesting the American anthem, and people on edge and taking to the streets in St. Louis when justice does not seem to be working because a white police officer was found innocent.  Surely more to come.  Some of that energy will lift in November but it has been a long-term influence.

A fear cycle is also dominating intensely Oct. 14th through Nov. 6th.  This is embodied by Saturn in the final degrees of Scorpio and moving into the early degrees of Sagittarius where where it is in the difficult problem area in the Stinger’s tail end of Scorpio and the scorpion like to leave is venomous poison as planets transit through there and it creates difficult problems.   This is a repeat of some of the intense fear that we felt after Christmas around terrorism fears and around the days up to the inauguration.  This time it is more intense because Rahu is aspecting Saturn within a degree much of the month.  This cycle is linked to karmic strain and spiritual awakening that need to happen after material gains need to unravel.   This is clearly setting up for the stock market. Even if stocks fall our predicted 5-10%,  it may result in a deep sense of  material fragmentation and loss.  People in Florida, Puerto Rico and Houston and other areas of the world are deeply feeling this loss of material property.   There will continue to be a deep sense of knotted problems that are difficult to unravel as is the current case with Puerto Rico where help is there but no organization to get it to the troubled people.  There is a sense of  over-responsibility also that  may be triggered leading to extreme protectiveness so more clamping down around homeland security is likely to come.  Given the mess in Europe in letting in anyone, it is not a bad thing as one has to discriminate who one lets stay in one’s house.

I have not had time to look at cycles involving North Korea. The work I originally did on it indicated that their leader probably would not last beyond January.  If we can get through October without any major conflagration, that would be a positive sign. It is thought that they will want to test their muscle between Oct. 10-18th when they have some national holiday.

Cycles with China suggest further deterioration particularly between Oct. 14-Nov. 6th .   China is a Capricorn country and having their chart lord in the difficult problem area of the Gandanta (Scropio 27-30) and then doing a 12th house transit is not likely to go easily  So  we think they will not help us but will they support North Korea and prevent us from going in but at publication they have been helpful freezing finances.

Very intense energy for conflict in the world is up Oct. 5-Oct. 13th  with Mars conjunct Venus and moving into a planetary war into Oct. 5-6th.  Continue government ineffectiveness is even stronger Oct. 13-Nov. 6th and lack of leadership cycles are particularly strong Oct. 17-Nov. 6th   

when the Sun will be in Libra and in the worst section in Swati nakshatra ruled by Rahu.   Peace cycles pick up after Nov. 3rd when Venus moves into Libra so  whatever tensions develop in October are likely to have more a chance of resolution in November.

Remember that this too will pass but we continue to have to be concerned about a selfish world where the obligarchy continues to squash the common people and continue to enslave them in debt, low quality of life and struggle. This is not going to end well as we approach a crisis around this into 2019-20 when we get the Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Ketu conjunctions. We do have concerns about more volcanic and earthquake activity on the planet with strong tensions the second week of October with Sun being square buy Pluto and Mars and Saturn in an exact square into Oct. 11th.   Again continue to dig deep into your pockets to help those in need in troubled areas!   –Barry Rosen 9/29/2017

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