Its Tuesday, ruled by Mars and Mars is within 5 degrees of a mutual square with Saturn in Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars.  Mars is also moving toward a planetary war with Venus into Thursday/Friday and will be losing the war and we wrote about this earlier in our weekend forecast.  Saturn is aspecting Ketu pretty tightly, another fiery planet in Mars’ constellation of Dhanisha (Delphini Capricorn 23.20-Aquarius 6.40).   This all brings up a lot of bubbling and explosive energy for Mars which can lead to violence, explosions, volcanoes and wild bursts of anger. Our hearts still go out to the people of Las Vegas and we wish safety to the 100,000 people in Indonesia that had to leave their homes in fear of an impending volcano going off.  We probably need to write a series of 3 or 4 articles to explain the complexity but we will at least start today.  If you are Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Capricorn or Aquarius rising, you are impact the most by this fiery energy.

First of all we have Saturn in Scorpio in the difficult degrees at the end of the sign and Mars and Saturn will be mutually squaring each other from the fiery sign of Leo.  My friend Edith Hathaway describes the nature of Scorpio best: ” Scorpio is a fixed sign, and the Sanskrit word sthira means also stationary or still – an oxymoron for Scorpio – often characterized by a seething, volcanic kind of energy when prominent. This energy can erupt suddenly, having been in the molten lava stage for some time; and in human terms such an eruption may not necessarily lead to clarity and enlightenment but to further confusion and real damage on many levels. Thus, with Scorpio, we should pay close attention to what lies hidden or unacknowledged. So just like molten lava threatening to unleash itself, this planetary and real life scenario reflects a seething cauldron.”

As we have seen in Catalan and Las Vegas, violence can just bubble out when anger needs to be released.  Ketu, an explosive and unpredictable  fiery planet of its own is not happy in the constellation of Dhanishta, ruled by afflicted and fiery Mars. . So there is a lot of fiery cauldrons brewing and you have to find ways to release bubbling anger so you do no hurt others with your words or actions.

Saturn in late Scorpio will continue to unearth deep secrets in your life particularly if you have major planets in Scorpio or are Scorpio rising or on the Scorpio/Taurus axis. This should be a time when deep world and personal truths come to light. This conjunction can bring explosive anger and energy up so that deep healing can occur. The more you and the planet can speak the truth and be honest, the easier this process can be. Remember that you are safe and that the Divine has a bigger plan for your life and for the world. If you repress anger, it will explode.

Today, Tuesday, Oct 3rd , is ruled by Mars and the Saturdays and Tuesdays which are ruled by Mars and Saturday respectively will be more intensely felt the rest of the month. The tendency is for anger and frustration to bubble up and you may snap at people. Resentment may flow through the mind. Delays and obstacles and indecision may bubble up in the volcanic cauldron of Scorpio.

Stay on top of your meditation and yoga and spiritual practices the rest of the month to stay even and grounded. Go easier and slower and be more patient and aware to avoid accidents and angry flare-ups. Give people the benefit of mistakes that happen and be forgiving rather than fly off the handle. This is a 3-week period to practice mindfulness and observe what is happening in the mind and body and to stay balanced and not over-react. Find away to laugh at situations and practice patience. If you do not stay on top of sleep, if you indulge in bad habits that are not good for you, if you are not mindful, it may seem rough and frustrating.

Avoid spicy foods, over-heating the body and drink coconut water and milk to calm the fire.  As summer is ending and Pitta season is winding down, the fire element is out of balance so make sure to find ways to stay calm.  We are heart-broken by the world tragedies in Houston, Florida, Mumbai, Las Vegas and flooding in India.  Use your energy to donate time and resources to help people rather than stay glued to the TV listening to the angry media trying to create fear and anger.  No level of blame or analysis will help these troubled people. Donate time and funds.  Find ways to be kind and compassionate to others in need and there will be a lot around you. If you are doing better than others, reach out to offer a hand or a ear.

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