With Venus now in Virgo, its sign of debilitation it is time to revisit what debilitation means.  When the astrologer uses the word “debilitated”, his clients often cringe. Its one of the words we need to take out of our vocabulary. It really means that we have to work 3 times as hard to get results out of that planet and that we have to go to remedial classes to learn the rules of the planet.   It does not mean that we are doomed to the dungeon.   Sometimes, debilitated planets can even be a blessing in certain ways.  I have a lot of Libra Sun friends who very devoted on their spiritual path and the humility of their particular charts is a blessing to move them forward  on their given path. As one of my clients pointed out, Einstein has a debilitated Mercury and a debilitated Moon.

Our goal is to think outside the box and not get caught up in worthless words like exalted and debilitation but to be able to understand  what they mean specifically.

I have put together a guide to why planets are debilitated in different signs and for time sake, I will split up its analysis into two articles since many do not have time for long articles.    A series on exalted planets will come out also.


Poor discrimination about relationships or being hyper-critical (Virgo) in relationship destroys the ability to flow.  Poor self-esteem leads to picking bad mates.  Expanded and compassionate and artistic qualities are lost in low self-esteem and fault finding.  For Taurus rising, Venus in Virgo, Venus owns the 6th and is in the 5th.  For them, too much sexual energy in romance  and lack of relationship skills can lead to health problems, over-eating or sensual indulgences.  Problems with fault-finding with children or co-works can spoil this planet.  6th house is house of celibacy and connection for Venus to 5th house of romance for Taurus is challenging if they attract a partner who is not as sexual.

For  Libra:  Venus owns the 8th and is in the 12th. There is a tendency to fall into  excessive sensual delight at the expense of proper discrimination for meditation or spirituality and and that often leads to complicated  or casual spiritual connections.


Mars is debilitated in Cancer as the warrior has great discomfort with emotions which leads them to cover it up with intellectual activity or glory in action.   This can lead to inaction and lack of courage like a declawed cat.  Either complacency or aggression is a negative outcome. Mars does not do well stuck at home (4th house) and needs to be at work and in action in the 10th house getting recognition and status.

For Scorpio rising, Mars is debilitated in the 9th house where anger at Guru or father can create deep intensity or there just may never be enough energy to act on the spiritual part despite the desire.


Scorpio is too watery as it represents swamps and water is stagnant and does flow.  Emotions need to flow to get processed – there is nothing worse than getting stuck in a negative emotion. Yet Moon in Scorpio can do this and make one quite obsessive at times.   With Moon owning the 9th house of father and Guru, Moon in Scorpio has trouble accessing the power of the Guru and implementing spiritual teachings. They may stay entangled in a world of upheavals as long as they get gripped by obsessive power plays and fantasies.



Jupiter is constrained by conservatism and commercial enterprise it it goes against its love of wisdom and knowledge and teaching being stuck in business. It is Marana Karaka Sthana  in the 3rd house where the play of kama and the senses takes it off its dharmic nature for knowledge and Moksha.  For Sagittarius rising, Jupiter debilitated in the 2nd house,  harms wealth and self-esteem when ultra-conservative values replace Dharma into fanaticism.  Sometimes this can lead to  lethargy.

For Pisces, Capricorn the place of debilitation is connected to the 11th. That means pushing too hard for money can lead to a  burn-out and health problems and is against the flow of Pisces.  Debilitated Jupiter becomes too optimistic and naive and this can lead too over-optimistic leading to disappointment.

Special thanks to Sam Geppi and my other jyotish friends and teachers for their insights.

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