I keep thinking of those beer commercials that seem so celebratory, “Its Miller Time.”  and have to think the opposite is true as we move into another Kala Sarpa Yoga period Oct. 14-29th and think, “Its Kala Sarpa Yoga time” Kala Sarpa yoga is  when Rahu and Ketu contain all the planets between them inclusively in the zodiac but a single planet going out of the axis, negates it.  The last one ended on Oct 1st right when the Las Vegas killer’s natal moon at 29 degrees was conjunct Ketu and had mentioned that things would lighten up Oct. 2-13th as a result of that transit lifting. I felt that it did lighten up  but the media and the after-shock of the tragedy lingered.

Technically, if all the planets point toward Ketu it is called a Kala Amrita Yoga which means nectar rather than poison what one should understand is that the Solar and Lunar energies get out of balance. That means aggressive, intense and active solar energy is not balanced by calming, nurturing lunar energy.  My experience of the last Kala Sarpa/Amrita was intense drive with no ability to rest and no softness to balance out the strong male energy.  That may mean it can produce a lot of achievements for a male orientated/task-orientated world but to balance it out you are going to have to take plenty of time to rest, for massages, for deep nurturing or it will run you ragged.

Unfortunately, the next Kala Sarpa/Amrita period coincides with Saturn in the deepest part of the Scorpio Gandanta (Scorpio 29.20) known as the stinger’s tail where deep poisons are released and deep unconscious and emotional fears are churned up to be healed.  We have discussed this in an earlier article. This can be a great time to go deep into your psyche if you have a good transformational therapist and make 30 years of Saturnian progress on your issues but I cannot say that it will be an easy time.  Sun also moves into Libra Oct. 17th and is at the deepest point of debilitation into Oct. 27th where lack of confidence, health issues and depression can rear their ugly head.

I am giving you an early warning signal as using the rest of the  week through Friday to get important things done as some times it is good to have a heads up before challenges happen beyond your control and it becomes tricky to accomplish anything.  For now, this week, we still have Mercury exalted in Virgo and the Sun there until Oct. 17th and that should continue to be supportive particularly if you are Virgo rising or ruled by Leo.

Again, the transits will trigger the yoga particularly if you are born with this combination in your natal chart and you are running a Rahu or Ketu period.  Many will not notice it but it is still an intense time for the world.  Mars goes into Virgo on Friday and we will write more about this later.

The Rahu /Ketu emphasis from Cancer/Capricorn will also favor rises in mundane matters and will great affect the political scene. The natural 4th house of Cancer where home and security are tested vs. the need to get out in the world and gain status and work hard in Capricorn will be a huge focal point for everyone and with the natural disasters, so many are being impacted around housing and feeling secure and safe.  We continue to see this happening unfortunately with people fleeing homes in California and devastation in Puerto Rico, Houston, parts of the Virgin Islands.

The bright side of this yoga is discussed by my friend,  Juliana Swanson of Astral-Harmony when she writes about it:

“This combination can tend to remind us of what is missing in our lives, that which is needed to find more harmony and balance. This dynamic can have an all or nothing flavor to it. Key words are “intense, sensitive, extreme, fixated or obsessive.”

Again, donate and help people in need, do your spiritual practices and turn to spirituality during this time.  This yoga can be a wake-up call that all the material success or frustration cannot satisfy the intense longing for the Divine and it could propel you deeper in your search and ultimately is a good thing.   For consultations on the impact of this on your chart, sign up on the request form at www.appliedvedicastrology.com 

(Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and B V Raman and Juliana Swanson  for their discourses on this subject.)

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