Sun moved into Libra on Tuesday, Oct. 17th and stays there until Nov. 16th.  The Sun is moving toward the lowest point of the year of the Sun toward Oct. 27th at 10 degrees Libra.  The Sun governs health, leadership and confidence and self-esteem for everyone so this transit can bring about health issues, depression, poor decisions in government and low self-esteem. The worse part of the transit is usually when the Sun is in the constellation of Swati which is between Oct. 23-Nov. 6th.

Currently the Sun is still in Chitra (Virgo 23.20-Libra 6.40)  and connected to its friend Mars and in a stronger part of Libra is not as bad.  The transit is particularly difficult for Scorpio rising and Pisces rising as it is a 12th and 8th house transits for them. Taurus rising may have trouble with it as a 6th house transit and Leo risings will particularly feel it. It may bring up poor motivation, poor financial management, headaches and addictions.

The positive side of this transit is that it may create some people that offer good sense and good support and charm and may bring out the ability to work with others better.  Libra rising and Aries rising may experience this a bit more and Geminis and Virgos may do ok with this transit.  Bottom-line is that if the dark side comes up, find ways to do good self-talk and find the fire to move on and do great things if you feel stuck.  Take care of your health this month which means watch your diet and addictions and stay on top of your immune system.

The transit of the Sun into Vishaka nakshatra Nov. 6-19th connects it to Jupiter and it uplifts it so the worse part is the transit in the constellation Swati when it is connected with Rahu Oct. 23-Nov. 6th.  Our Leo president, Donald Trump will probably not do well with this transit as it can bring out the darkest part of ego when the lesson is learning to work together.

For some people, the problem of a debilitated Sun is that the ego is too stuck and uncrusted in its position but for more people it can create low self-esteem and depression and then the ego is not good enough.  It is all illusion. You are Divine within.  Fight off the negative self-talk.  Do more meditation and see beyond the puppet strings and realize your own greatness.

Sun salutations and the tree pose and the peacock pose can support the fallen Sun this month.

We have moved our class on Secrets of the Houses up to Sunday afternoons starting on Nov. 12th and running through late January with 4-5 weeks off for holidays and travel.   Deep spiritual and psychological insights and practical techniques for prediction.  See our updated curriculum.

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