Jupiter transits into the constellation of Arcturus which is the Vedic system is called Swati.  That means it channel’s Rahu’s energy from Cancer where it is in the emotionally charged gandanta end of the sign in the true node system until Nov 1st and in the mean node system until Oct. 20th.   Rahu and Jupiter associations are expansive and can bring great material gains but it spoils Jupiter’s purist form and get Jupiter too  involved in material accumulation and happiness can be  denied.  It can also move one toward foreign philosophies and religion, create scandals with corrupt Gurus or teachers or put one in a religious fundamentals environment.  Given the problems with fundamentalism, we do not need more of this stirred up.

Jupiter is not at home in Swati in the enemy side of Libra and that means its profound wisdom can get lost in commercialization of wisdom.  Since Jupiter and Venus are enemies, too much emphasis for Libra and Aries rising signs may be on successful and material relationships at the cost of deep spiritual knowledge.

People born in Swati nakshatra have a very material pursuit in life ad Venus luxuriates in comfort and Rahu amplifies the desire for materialism.   Swati’s presiding deity is Vayu the God of wind.    People born in this nakshatra very loyal,intelligent, fair and have ability to serve, they have very balanced personality. Many rich people born in this nakshatra but after attaining wealth and comfort the person is not satisfied from life. They eventually get  tired being pursuing materialistic pleasure.

The first section of Swati, Pada 1 (Libra 6.40-10.00)  falls in Sagittarius navamsha and is the best part o the transit for Jupiter as it can beckon one toward a spiritual search from material dissatisfaction  arises. a, ruled by Jupiter, it relate to eager and open minded nature side of the nakshatra. This dominates Oct. 14-30th.   It could bring out more religious fundamentalism as this pada is connected to dharma.

The second section of Swati, Pada 2 (Libra 10-13.20) falls in Capricorn navamsha where Jupiter can become too commerical in pursuing material and worldly pursuits. The trick here is too avoid the restrained business energy of this section where Jupiter loses its purpose.  Jupiter transits this pada Oct. 30-Nov. 14th.

The Sun is currently burning up Jupiter as they move toward conjunction into Oct. 26th. This brings out Jupiter’s spiritual energies but can create false optimism and hope so be careful about false optimism not grounded in  reality.  This could be a bad positive for the stock market which keeps going higher with no sense of what is real and with Bitcoin above 5000.00, it may also continue to fuel that kind of speculation.  See our daily financial newsletter at www.commoditytimers.com for more up to date information as there are many factors.

In any case, Jupiter in Libra continues to be expansive and that is a good thing so enjoy.

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