Mars transited into Virgo yesterday and stays there for about six weeks. Virgo is one of the more fascinating signs representing the World mother.  Virgo ascendents sometimes feel cut out of material prosperity and sensual pleasures and feel unhappy taking on the sins of the world embodying the German word, Weltscmertz.  The sign is endowed with great intelligence, shakti, physicality, Universal life, the gift of poetry and speech and music and great psychic and intuitive powers.  And yet despite all these gifts, there is often great dissatisfaction with life.

Whenever a planet appears in Virgo in any sign of the zodiac it means where we need to be better, improve or be pure.   Being the natural 6th house of the zodiac, it means that we need discipline around regular work, health and diet to prevent illness and we also need to develop skills to work with people so that we do not develop enmity with co-workers at work.  The challenge is Saturn and wanting too much perfection in the world and being too hard oneself and one’s weaknesses.  There can be too much self-deprecation and continual beating oneself up on the dark side or a continual focus on always wanting to do it better which can also become a  good quality.   Key words to remember are purity and improvement.

Mars in Virgo will be afflicted by the debilitated Venus and will get a 270 degree aspect from Saturn when Saturn goes into Sagittarius after Oct. 26th.  Virgo is an enemies sign because Mars is an active planet and does well by just “doing” and gets slowed down by thinking and being too strategic.  Watch out for an over-active mind, aggressive thinking, not being able to stop when attacking others verbally, impatience and combative relationships.

Virgo is the natural 6th sign of the zodiac so it is a health and service sign and Mars can overcome the challenges of this transit through disciple, being of service and being a good co-worker and staying out of fights.  Still in the 6th sign of the zodiac and afflicted, it can bring up more illness, wounds, cuts and fevers so stay on top of diet and health.

Mars with a debilitated Venus for a whole month now will have trouble with sexual passions, heated relationship discussions, quarreling and unreliable partners. As Venus and Mars separate in the sky past the critical degree marks and in different constellation by Oct. 19th, these problems will lessen.

Aries rising will have to do to be disciplined with health but can overcome problems with co-workers and other enemies. Scorpio rising also has to stay on top of these same issues but it is an 11th house transit from the ascendent and can support fulfillment of desires, friendship, increases in income but watch out for in-fighting with groups you may be a part of.

We have moved our class on Secrets of the Houses up to Sunday afternoons starting on Nov. 12th and running through late January with 4-5 weeks off for holidays and travel.   Deep spiritual and psychological insights and practical techniques for prediction.  See our updated curriculum.


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