Once in a while we get what Western Astrologers call a mutual reception or exchange of signs and in Vedic astrology it is know as a Parivatana Yoga (abbreviated PVY).  It can be very powerful and it allows a connection and association between the houses involved and is often stronger than a planetary aspect. In this case, until Oct 31st, Mercury is in Venus’s sign of Libra and Venus in in Mercury’s sign of Virgo.

If you have this in your natal chart, it can be read as a conjunction. In this case they are friends and Western astrologers would say that the exchange may bring out stronger dignity although Vedic astrologers will focus more on what houses are being exchanged.

Mercury in Libra is unafflicted now in transit so its positive qualities of fun-loving, love of philosphy, musical and artistic interests and humanitarian energies are enlivened.  It also can foster comedic sensibilities, persuasive speaking, love of clubs and spiritual performances.  Mercury stays in Libra until Oct. 31st and will benefit Virgos and Geminis most with 2nd and 5th house transits from the ascendent bringing love of family for Virgos and artistic expression, romance and theatrical expresssion for Virgos.

It is thought that an exchange of signs should be read as a conjunction and because Venus is debilitated, the darker side will come out creating an inability to not be serious about the task at hand in business, too easy-going when shrewdness is needed in business and supporting artistic expression but with the weak Venus, those poems and songs may not be as good as you think they area.  Again debilitated planets just need to work 3 times as hard to produce good results but they can do it!

In Vedic astrology, the houses exchanged have the most impact and enliven a connection between them.  Hence Sagittarius rising will do best with this exchange between between their 10th and 11th house and this will support gains at work, fulfillment of desires, and achievement at work and successful investment with the aspect onto the 5th house. This would be really true if you have this in your natal chart but I find these exchanges are powerful in transit.

For Virgo rising, it is a positive exchange of 1st and 2nd houses creating a dhana yoga supporting gains from family, articulate speech, skill in managing money and assets and the family business. Some of this is taken down by the debilitated Venus but with extra hard, work it can manifest.

For Scorpio rising, the exchange is between the 11th and 12th house and is is a Dainya Yoga which can create unrest in group activities and financial matters, risk of debt, expenses from foreign exports or duties.  Income may be eaten up by matching expenditures so save extra money and stay frugal.

Capricorn rising also does better with this exchange between the 9th and 10th houses and this supports career, higher education, ethics and religious and philosophical studies.

We cannot take the time to go through all the combinations but in general combine the houses involve and if they are positive house combinations  likes 1,4,7,10,5,9,2,11 then the exchange is positive but if they combine with house 3,6,8 or 12, then the exchange is more difficult.

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