Mars into Constellation Corvi: Strategic Planning

Mars moves into a new constellation on Monday.  In Hasta, it can create some lack of clarity about direction and being overly critical.  It promotes strategic planning but not great combative skills and is better for a war of words than a war of action. Mars stays there for  for about 25 days.

Mars and Mercury will be exchanging signs Nov. 2-Nov 25th when Mercury moves into Scorpio.  Mars and Mercury are bitter enemies as Mars functions through action and Mercury through a logic. We will write about this later but it will depend on what rising sign you are with Scorpios, Virgos, Aries, and Geminis feeling the impact most.  With all Mercury/Mars combinations we have to curb our sharp tongue, avoid battles not worth fighting and be careful not to get caught in our head while being activity and lose our focus as accidents can result.  Hence if you get into an angry fight or debate, find away to leave it at home or in the workplace and not take into your head while you are driving.

Hasta constellation is located between 10-23.20 Virgo and in modern astronomy is connected with the constellation known as Corvi or the 5 stars representing a hand. It is connected more to the Vata or air element as its strong connection to the Mercurial side of quick and light humor. It is of course connected with fields and gardens and arts and crafts, stock exchanges and even amusement parks.   Hasta in Sanskrit means “the hand” but has an alternative translation which means to laugh. Hasta is connected to palmistry and to professions where ones using ones hands like masseurs and handymen do. The hands also are symbolic of the outstretched hands reaching for the Sun’s rays, which embody the god who gives life and starts the day’s activity.

This constellation is connected to Savitar, a playful diety of tricks and amusements and games and sports and hence the combination in Virgo with the Mars strategic planning in sports.

On the dark side of this constellation, people with their Sun or Noon or ascendent in Hasta may be fond of gambling and fraud and manipulation depending on afflictions here.  The Mars transit in Hasta may promote more gambling and risk-taking.   It also  promotes serious and sarcastic writing, makes one a jack of all trades and master of none and supports those who want to work for pubic welfare and the betterment of community against authority.

Hasta is ruled by the Moon and also Mercury because of the connection to Virgo. This is one of my favorite constellations as it promotes sensitive caring and nurturing and home and family life. Mercury brings out the jovial and light-hearted energy of the moon and Mars’s  transit through it will have some problems here as Mars gets debilitated in Cancer and is not fond of the homey energy of the moon as it wants adventure and to be in competition.

Have a great time this week.  This influence will be around all month.

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