Kala Sarpa/Amrita yoga is  when Rahu and Ketu contain all the planets between them inclusively in the zodiac but a single planet going out of the axis, negates it.   So until   Feb. 3rd, when ever the moon is between Cancer and Capricorn all the planets are hemmed in between Rahu in Cancer  and Ketu in Capricorn.   The yoga is broken when the moon goes into Aquarius and until it gets to Rahu in Cancer every two weeks. This   yoga will continue until  Feb. 3rd  when the Sun  transits past Ketu .  While not normally included, Pluto and Neptune are also part of this combination and only Uranus in Aries  is out of the snake’s biting its own tail. It will happen again 2018 and probably 1 or 2 times in 2019 before Saturn transits past Ketu in Sagittarius.

Most of my colleagues are calling it a Kala Amrita Yoga and technically it is because all the planets point toward Ketu rather than Rahu but I think the impact is similar to Kala Sarpa.  Some of my other colleagues  think that because Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde that it reverses the energy  and one my dear friends Christina Collins holds this opinion.  Prash Trivedi thinks in either case their is a messy imbalance of solar and lunar energies that create either aggressiveness or passivity.  September’s occurrence seemed rather aggressive and intense and people I know with this configuration tend to be aggressive.  Rahu always brings Ketu so whatever it is technically, it is still intense.   Last fall we had this same configuration during the election and the energy seemed more crazy and aggressive to me so I am trying to go with my friend’s Christina Collins interpretation.

Kal means time and Sarpa means snake and the yoga or special planetary combination refers to the subconcious caught in its rope of karma, unable to pull free. Thepsychological impact of being caught in destiny–kind of like a nightmare that you cannot extract yourself from but desperately want to wake up from.  The analogy falls short but it is kind of like a lot of intense things keep happening and hard to prevent from happening.

If you have this combination in your natal chart, it could be felt strongly into early Feb  year in transit and particularly if you are running Rahu or Ketu periods on the first few levels of your dashas.  Some people may not notice it at all.  It is thought that after Rahu ripens around age 44, the impact of this yoga is not felt as much in later years.

The karmic access involved depends on what houses Cancer and Capricorn represent in your life. For example if you are Libra  rising, then the 4th house of mother and home is impacted as well as the 10th house of career and status.  If you are Cancer rising, then marriage may be impacted with the 1st and 7th nodal axis.    So there are mitigating impacts of the natal chart lords are strong and well-placed and the bright side of this yoga is that it can make people industrious, hard-working and aware of one’s talents despite continual restlessness.  Still with the wrong placement it can lead to  to betrayals from friends and relatives if 2nd and 11th houses are impacted which would be the case for Gemini rising or Virgo rising.

Again, the transits will trigger the yoga particularly if you are born with this combination in your natal chart and you are running a Rahu or Ketu period.  Many will not notice it but it is still an intense time for the world. Most mundane astrologers note that major events happen during this transit and now we have all the Middle East war tensions bubbling up with Saudi Arabia and Lebonon and Israel and the snake is likely to intensify the situation.

The Rahu /Ketu emphasis from Cancer/Capricorn will also favor rises in mundane matters and will great affect the political scene. The natural 4th house of Cancer where home and security are tested vs. the need to get out in the world and gain status and work hard in Capricorn will be a huge focal point for everyone and with the natural disasters, so many are being impacted around housing and feeling secure and safe. Continue to open your pocket-books to help those impacted.

The bright side of this yoga is discussed by my friend,  Juliana Swanson of Astral-Harmony when she writes about it:

“This combination can tend to remind us of what is missing in our lives, that which is needed to find more harmony and balance. This dynamic can have an all or nothing flavor to it. Key words are “intense, sensitive, extreme, fixated or obsessive.”

Again, donate and help people in need, do your spiritual practices and turn to spirituality during this time.  This yoga can be a wake-up call that all the material success or frustration cannot satisfy the intense longing for the Divine and it could propel you deeper in your search and ultimately is a good thing.   For consultations on the impact of this on your chart, sign up on the request form at 

(Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and B V Raman and Juliana Swanson  for their discourses on this subject.)

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