Jupiter Conjunct Venus: Over-Indulgence and Appreciation of Your Relations hip


Venus is moving toward conjunction and a planetary war with Jupiter  into Monday, Nov. 13th.  These two planets are benefics and their connection tends to expand humanitarian causes , skilled advisory and relationship counseling, luxury trade, and skill in advising.   The planetary war on Monday may bring out the darker side of sensual overload, dissipation of energy in pleasures, and overindulgence.

Venus wins the planetary war which runs two days between Nov. 12th and 13th and so Jupiter ruled signs like Pisces and Sagittarius may be particularly vulnerable to overspending or over-indulgence so make sure to avoid the extra piece of cheesecake or chocolate bar or you might pay for it.

On the bright side, the Jupiter connection to  Venus creates value and worth for things connected to Venus so husbands may cherish their wives more so probably a good time to  appreciating your spouse and marriage. Good time to  buy roses for your partner.

Jupiter conjunct  Venus increases the  the desire for the beautiful and  elegance so watch your credit card spending at the mall this weekend and so be careful and not careless as this aspect can lead to squandering money or wasting valuable resources.

Sometimes Jupiter/Venus conjunction can lead to emotional turmoil in relationship so make sure that trust and respect are there. Jupiter wants freedom to move and Venus can demand emotional involvement and this can lead to conflict. The energy is there for a smooth resolution and we have the benefit of Venus in Libra until Nov. 25th.

If you are not in relationship, and if you are running the proper period, you may have good luck to meet a partner and Libra and Aries Rising may in particularly have more luck with this.

This conjunction may increase a strong desire to surround yourself with beauty and transform anything ugly in your environment so good weekend to get into home redecorating plans or look at furniture and painting projects.

So watch those desires for sweets this weekend and excessive partying and you will have a great time.

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