I often wake up at 4 am in the morning with these ideas floating through my mind that demand that they be written down in the wee hours of the morning.  In that tender twilight, when my emotions are a bit raw coming out of sleep, I often feel the planetary energies and their challenges and they demand to be written about.  Often they flow out from the vast void of my 8th house, ruled by Gemimi that has a stationary Jupiter in Purnavasu nakshatra aspecting Mercury in Aquarius.

I have been blessed with automatic writing at times and stuff just flows out and I am not sure where it comes from.  Luckily I can produce good material in 20-40 minutes due to 30 years of daily writing for my financial columns.  Lately my astrological writings have replaced my self-deprecating poetical musings and become my poetry.

I have a Vena yoga with 7 planets in 7 houses and so I have been blessed with the ability to write and stuff just wants to pour out.  Jyotish is such an abstract and difficult subject and I have been frustrated by years of reading difficult books and trying to understand the English of the Indian masters that I have studied with and my mission has been to simplify and clarify this material and put into English so people can understand and benefit from its great wealth.  I feel an urgent need to clarify and verbalize complex relationships that never should be labeled “good” or “bad.”  They just are our coaches and our teachers trying to support us to become better people and their message has to be understood.

The last year I have been compelled to teach, which is my truest dharma with a stationary Jupiter in Gemini which shows up in the first house in my Karakamsha Rashi chart and life purpose chart from Jaimini astrology.  Nothing makes me happier.  I am unhappy with many of the books that I read and my mission is to modernize and clarify and re-spiritualize Jyotish for a new generation.  I am drawn to developing new and innovative classes, or “botique classes”  that find new ways of looking at things and my classes force me to bring out and express new knowledge as has been the case with my just completed Money Karma class.   In developing my new class on Secrets of the House, I realized that there is hardly a good book out there that offers the depth of the secrets of the houses.  My new course will probably become a book someday.

I am in a Rahu period now with Rahu in natal  Mula nakshatra owned by Ketu so there is an obsession about spiritual knowledge and Jyotish.  I like to  explain Rahu as enthusiasm and passion and creativity to create something new and fresh and change traditional ways of doing things and continue to look for new ways to express and modernize and spiritualize this knowledge.  I rarely quote Parashara but always honor him as his light.

I feel that that is knowledge belongs to everyone and I try to generously share it.  And like most modern Brahmans, I face a dilemma.  The village priest is no longer supported by the village and so I have to charge for readings and classes but they are just a small portion of my income and the classes are just something that I have to do to bring out deeper knowledge. If I am always promoting a class or a service, it is just the plight of the Brahman in the modern age.

I am blessed with my financial business that supports me but no longer holds the passion it once did and my 3rd Saturn return has moved me into Jyotish education and writing and it makes my heart sing.  At some point, I need to move totally into Jyotish education and spiritual teaching and I see that as the next major phase of my life.   My  passion does come out at cost as I do not get enough exercise or spend enough time with my wife or have time for fun things but there is always a price for passion.

Rahu always craves a bit of attention so I hope I do not offend anyone with the volume of writing that pours out of me.  It is passion and enthusiasm more than desire for fame.  My mission is just to share my talents and what is most precious to me and translate it into plain English so that the puppet strings of the planets, that pull our emotions and psychology, can be cut and we can be free to live a liberated life and not be gripped by the drama and maya of our thoughts.

This piece is not meant to be about self-absorption but unveiling my mystery. I often find people wandering to my personal facebook page to find out who I really am and that personality has continued to fade but Rahu never quite lets it go.  (To read more about me if you are really curious, read my interview with Christina Collins at

All gratitude to all my spiritual Gurus and Jyotish Gurus for their blessing.  I am particularly grateful to Komilla Sutton for her maternal guidance and clarity in creating coherent courses which has been my inspiration and to Sanjay Rath for his deep insights from Jaimini Astrology.  I am particularly grateful to Juliana Swanson who has become a wonderful mentor and dear friend and who is there to support me in my troubled times.   Every Jyotishi needs someone to turn to also.

A true Jyotishi need to be in service and devoted to removing suffering. That is what I strive to do.  My spiritual Guru has been found of saying that we start off wanting to be a somebody (Mars in our teens) and have to become a nobody (moksha and transcending the ego) in order to become an Everybody (Brahman conscious and enlightened with the universe).  Lets hope that I can continue to transcend Rahu and become my truest Ketu nature.

Time to fade beyond Rahu and any tinge of self-absorption into the unbounded ocean of Ketu and off to do morning meditation and spiritual practice out of which everything arises.



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