Saturn is still in the early degrees of Sagittarius and is not out of Aries navamsha in the D-9 until Nov. 27th.  So our fear/depression/anxiety watch is still up.  New moon this weekend in Scorpio could bring up emotional grunge and depression and is aspected by Rahu on Nov. 20th and then conjunct Saturn on Nov. 20th.

Stay on top of your mood swings with yoga, exercise and meditation or listening to uplifting music.  Deep emotional transformation wants to happen with the new moon in Scorpio so let go of the old and be open to new directions and changes in your life.

For now Moon conjunct Jupiter on Thursday night and then conjunct Venus overnight should uplift spirits today and probably on Friday but make sure to get rest over the weekend.   Mars is still a bit weak until Sunday also in the D-9/navamsha/ Cancer section so energy could be low.

With Saturn still weaving webs of fear until Nov. 28th, I thought this quote would be helpful. From Emmanuels Book: A Guide to Living in the Cosmos.

Listen to the fear
with a wise ear
What are you afraid of in life?
You might challenge fear
and ask it what it means to say.

As you go into the fear
with eyes open, heart open
and courage flowing freely,
you will see
that fear is only an empty room.
Fear is only as strong as your avoidance of it.
The great your reluctance
to see the fear
to accept it and embrace it
the more power you allow it.

There is nothing to fear in the universe,
Even death,
which is a fundamental truth and a necessity
in your particular scale of development,
has nothing to fear in it.

Rest yourself
in the reality of God’s eternal
and everlasting Presence
and know
that there are plans deeper
loving hearts far more powerful,
than any that walk your earth. .
I bless you with the awareness
of your eternal safety.

You are safe. You are safe.
You are infinitely safe.
Oh my dears,
if I could only make it possible
for you to experience the loving, gentle kindness
of the universe,
the balance, the fairness
the sweetness and the joy
there would never be another moment of fear
in your entire lives
And this is true.

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