Mars moves toward a  90 degree exact square  with Pluto on Nov. 19th  and is particularly potent within two degrees, Nov. 16-22nd.  In mythology Pluto, the god of the underworld was also called Hades which means “invisible” or “to make invisible”. Modern psychology connects Pluto and Scorpio to the unconscious and hidden part of mind and personality. The late Narendra Desai also felt that Pluto was a higher octave of Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, in classical or Vedic astrology. This supports the rationale of the rulership of Scorpio to Pluto in modern tropical astrology.  I find that the world “surrender to the Divine Will” is one of the highest aspect of Pluto energy.

Pluto is also very connected to power, energy, virility and transformation and this transit is particularly powerful for Aries and Scorpio rising. It can increase conflict and fighting  as it in the sign of Virgo that wants to be friends and is squaring Pluto at 23.29 Sagittarius.  Ambition and control issues are likely up  and Mars is weak in Pada 4 of the constellation of Hasta where it is in the Cancer pada where one needs to learn to fight for ones principles and not shy away from hardships.

The energy may be up strongly for transforming the world and fighting major social causes but this can bring up fierce disagreements  with your ambition and fight those in power.  This may lead to serious challenges with your ego energies.  Avoid unethical action and Pluto aspect can sometimes move you into making forceful decisions that you will regret and burn you.  You could end up the victim of someone else’s ruthlessness so avoid violent situations and people through Nov. 22nd.  Tuesdays are ruled by Mars and that could be the most intense time of this transit.

If you were born with this signature, you may have compulsive cravings to win and conquer at all costs. You may want to get your way at all costs and you will burn others in the process so the key is find humility and work for a larger cause in a place of “thy will be done.”

This transit can bring up strong carnal energy that may seem uncontrollable times and could led to angry outbursts so avoid hot and spicy foods that may fan your flames.   The positive side of this transit is that it can make you a great fighter so find a great cause that requires social action. Muhammad Ali has this aspect within 2.5 degrees in his natal chart.

Still this square may bring out some darker energy particularly in politics and has been a signature for an increase in earthquake activity in the past and sometimes can lead to more violence.  Use the energy for positive transformation and change this week and for personal transformation. It may bring up huge angry flare ups in some people and at an extreme level violent assault so find a way to channel the energy and unleash its power.

Death is a another theme of Pluto but it is perhaps better connected to death of the old to create the new or transformation.  As we discussed in an earlier article, Narendra Desai, had discovered an ancient Nadi palm leaf prophesying the outer planets and that is why I pay attention to them and they are important in mundane predictions.

Dennis Harness, relates Pluto, to the Vedic diety, Yama:
“In Hindu mythology, Yama is the god of death and agent of Lord Shiva. Yama means “the binder, restrainer” who keeps mankind in check. Yama also refers to various powerful yogic disciplines such as breath control, hatha yoga and meditation. Lord Yama guides the soul to the astral plane after death, where one can experience the results of one’s karma from the present life and prepare for the next incarnation.  Lord Yama may then inflict punishment or danda. Yama represents the eternal law on which the universe resides. He is called Dharmaraja, or the King of Righteousness.”

So this is a week between Nov. 16-22 is a period  for spiritual transformation and death of old habits and patterns and that are not useful for us. Stay away from the dark side of control and ego and use the energy to create a better life for yourself and others around you.  The fire energy in the solar plexus may be overactive for some so calm with coconut oil and coconut milk or lavender oil on the solar plexus if things get too hot.

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